The Art of the Caption: How to Make Your Brand Heard on Social Media

Social media runs on images, and those images showcase your brand’s story in a succinct, powerful way. It connects you to your customers whether they’re at the desktop or on the go.

In this post, we zoom in on a detail that completes the picture, so to speak. We’re talking about the caption, that line of text that not only introduces the image, but also serves as a teaser for your brand’s personality. How do you come across–carefree? Flirtacious? Hopeful?

Don’t miss out on a chance to represent your brand with a bit of “blah” text. Here’s how to make sure your message comes through loud and clear on social media. (more…)


How To Showcase Your Brand’s Story Via Social Media

Your social media following wants to hear from you – that’s why each person is following you in the first place. Many brands take this opportunity to offer discounts, provide customer support, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that – if you’re having success with these traditional social media posts, don’t stop.

But there are more uses to social media than just those approaches. Social media is the place where you can transform the image of your brand with nothing more than a few pictures. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words – by communicating feelings about your brand in the form of pictures, you can turn yourself from “scary corporation” to “friendly company next door” very quickly.

This isn’t just something to feel good about – it’s something that will impact your bottom line in a positive way. Below, we’ll go over the benefits you get from posting pictures of your brand’s story, and we’ll give you an actionable strategy to start on it today.


Quirky Instagram Contests You Haven’t Seen Before


Running a contest is a fantastic way to build an Instagram following. Not only do you reinforce your brand personality, but you also involve your fans in its making. While there are plenty of ways to host a contest on Instagram, not many of them stray from the beaten path. Below, we document some of the most unique Instagram contests we’ve seen recently, and how they’re successful.



Create Your Own Word-Of-Mouth: Get A Social Influencer To Advocate Your Brand

One of the most frustrating experiences any business owner can have is trying to advance his or her brand by relying only on using the company’s own social media accounts and websites. Putting it simply, if someone is already following you or visiting your website regularly, they’re already a fan or a customer. And you can’t rely on attracting large numbers of new customers solely by pitching to existing ones.

The best way around this conundrum, particularly if you’re working with a limited budget, is to utilize the modern version of “word-of-mouth.” It involves finding a social influencer – a trusted and active social media user with a large group of active followers in your target market – to do your selling for you.

This is currently one of the fastest-growing methods of marketing for big and small companies alike; a recent report from Technorati reveals that 65% of major brands include influencer targeting in their marketing strategy. It’s effective, too; that same report found that 31% of respondents said their purchasing decisions had been influenced by information they’d read on a blog or Facebook.


4 Strategies From Psychology That Can Be Used In Marketing

Marketing is all about connecting with the people who make up your customer base. Connecting with people is all about psychology. If you believe those two statements to be true —they are— it stands to reason that principles from psychology can be used to market to your customers. The trick is figuring out how to make your marketing message “click” with your customer base.

Thankfully, the field of psychology is filled with principles that help us understand how people operate and think. When you understand those principles and apply them to your marketing campaigns, it’s easier to get your marketing content in front of an audience who identifies with it. When you combine the right audience with the right psychological principles, you convert more readers into leads and more leads into sales.

There are a number of psychological strategies that can be used to enhance your marketing. Today we’re going to look at four principles and how you can use them to bolster your marketing efforts. (more…)