Most Effective Facebook Ads (And What You Can Learn From Them)

To conquer the changing algorithms that dictate the News Feed, Facebook page owners increasingly rely on Facebook ads for page likes and post engagement from fans.

It’s smart to allot a daily budget for these ads–many of our sellers do–but Facebook marketing isn’t just about funneling money into it. It’s about eye-catching images, effective copy, and correct audience targeting. We’ve paired some examples of great Facebook ads with tips on how you can recreate their success.

Draw the eye. One of the perks of running a Facebook ad is being able to upload up to 6 different images and cycle through each one. You’ll be able to pinpoint which ones are most effective pretty quickly, and Facebook will, too: your campaign budget will automatically go towards the ad that’s performing best.

For large ads that will appear in the main News Feed, choose colorful, aesthetically pleasing images, like this one from Oyster:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.09.38 PM

For smaller ads that show up in the right column, pick a simple design with a plain background. Joss & Main shows off popular merchandise:

Joss & Main

Include a clear call to action. Getting your target audience’s attention is a great first step, but more important than that is giving them a reason to act.

The CTA for Tile is the headline itself. The ad also sets up an expectation for how affordable the product is and succinctly explains what it does:

Tile 19.95

Designlab sweetens the deal with some data about why the viewer should sign up:


Find the right audience. When setting up the parameters for your Facebook ad, you have the option of narrowing down by location, age, gender, languages, and a whole host of other demographics that may be pertinent to your business (relationship status, work industry, field of study). Further refine this audience by choosing interests and behaviors.

Nasty Gal’s Facebook ad puts “brand crush” Jeffrey Campbell front and center in this campaign. Knowing that its fans love trendy shoes at affordable prices, Nasty Gal affiliates itself with the well-known brand:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 9.09.19 PM

What has been your experience with running Facebook ads? Let us know in the comments!


Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With the advent of social media, it’s become possible for small businesses to gain considerable traction online without having to invest thousands of dollars in marketing. With an effective Facebook marketing strategy, small businesses can get in front of their target demographic and, what’s more, build lasting relationships with those new customers.
With that in mind, we’ve created a guide for small businesses on how to market on Facebook. These five tactics are effective, easy to put in place, and (best of all) affordable for growing companies. (more…)

The Pippi Page Sells on Facebook for Animal Rescue

IMG_1680 copy 2

Meet Pippi, Miss Tibby, Kodi, and Twiggy, the Cuatro Chihuahuas of The Pippi Page, a fan community managed by dog lover, screenwriter, and Hollywood resident Jenny McNabb.

Jenny founded the page in April 2011, about a month after she rescued Pippi from the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles. Pippi, abused and abandoned by her previous owner, suffered from demodectic mange, an infestation of eight-legged mites. These parasites left the three-year-old chihuahua completely hairless, and infections plagued her eyes, ears, skin, and lungs. It became apparent to Jenny that Pippi had not only been physically abused, but she had also never been outdoors before. “For the first year that I had her, Pippi was terrified to set her tiny paws on grass,” writes Jenny.

The Pippi Page became a way to document the chihuahua’s year-long journey to recovery. Pippi’s rescue story spread through word-of-mouth, inspiring dog owners the world over with her resilience and Jenny’s selflessness. Today, the page celebrates the life and times of Pippi and her newfound family.

Once a year, Jenny also sells a Cuatro Chihuahuas calendar and donates part of the proceeds to one or more 501(c)3 animal rescue groups. In 2013, the beneficiary was the North Central Shelter Intervention Program, a nonprofit organization that supports adopting families with the resources they need.

Jenny found Soldsie when she was searching for a way to sell on Facebook that would integrate with her current page. When she signed up, she was delighted by the personal attention she got. “I loved having the support of [my account manager] Jules,” says Jenny. “It was a great experience.” Thanks to the Soldsie app, Jenny increased her yearly calendar sales by over 100%.

We’re thrilled to support Jenny and the loving community of dog rescuers that stands beside her. To follow the adventures of Pippi and her furry siblings, visit The Pippi Page!


How to Get Facebook Likes: The Imprint Doctor Runs Milestone Giveaways

Terri Brooks opened her business The Imprint Doctor with the mission of putting her customers’ memories in print through custom designed apparel, accessories, and other goods. Selling on Facebook with Soldsie made it possible to reach a wide audience beyond the company headquarters in Blaine, Tennessee.

Before she ran her first Facebook sale, Terri set a goal to grow her likes from 280 to 1,000. Not only did she meet this goal in under two months, but she did it with a 36% PTAT number on her page!

Terri hit the ground running. Having good rapport with schools, she included notes in the delivery boxes promoting her page, and likes came through word-of-mouth. She also ran targeted Facebook ads with a daily bid of $10: one of her ads hit 11,000 in reach and 145 likes.

Likes and engagement didn’t take the upward swerve she needed, however, until she began running milestone giveaways for every 100 likes. Before each promotion, she posted pictures of three different products and asked fans to comment on the one they’d like to win. This not only helped build buzz around the page, but it also identified what items would do well in a sale.

Terri also delivered prizes to local winners and posted pictures of them on Facebook. Tagging them would share the photo with friends, and this way The Imprint Doctor reached new fans.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 4.46.13 PM

Have you tried running giveaways on your page? Tell us about it in the comments!


Selling On Facebook: How to Drive Up E-Commerce on Social Media

Lulu Luxuries sells on Facebook with Soldsie

Social media, and Facebook in particular, has forever changed the way e-commerce sites and online stores approach their business objectives and marketing strategy.  Facebook has not only become a major source of lead generation and traffic; many companies are now also selling products on Facebook directly and bypassing their own storefronts.  This change in online commerce has led numerous businesses to wonder how to sell on Facebook and other social media platforms effectively, and this post is designed to help you get started.

Businesses looking to sell on Facebook are best served by breaking the process down into three stages which correlate with traditional sales funnels.  Stage one, generating leads by offline sales reps, becomes acquiring “likes” for your page when selling on Facebook.  The second stage in traditional sales would be considered building rapport with your prospect, but again when selling on Facebook the approach is slightly different — you will instead be publishing content.  The last phase is closing the sale, which is the ultimate goal of both on- and offline sales funnels.

Here is a breakdown of how to use these three phases to help your business sell products on Facebook and dominate e-commerce on social media.