15 Best Ways to Find the Top Influencers on Social Media

Hines Ward - Social Influencer Example

You could have the most innovative product of the year, but it doesn’t mean anything unless people know about it. According to a study performed by Forrester Research, 6.2% of web users are responsible for 80% of influence in social media. Learn the 15 best ways to find these influential people who can expand your audience and inspire them to take action.

  1. Klout: a tool used to determine a person’s influence score. If you are trying to connect with a powerful influencer, Klout can help you search for the most influential people by topic or keyword, then compare the number of shares, views, followers, etc. attributed to the highest influencers.
  1. Kred: a tool similar to that of Klout in that it provides a person’s influence score, but it also provides information about the person’s likelihood to share others’ posts or content.
  1. Peer Index: A tool that focuses more on the people than particular messages. They think above and beyond twitter counts, but strive to help you find people to drive your audience to act.

7 Types of Instagram Contests

Running an Instagram contest is a sure-fire way to gain new followers and engage existing fans. They also range in complexity to suit your marketing budget and your fans’ level of involvement, so you can choose which is best for your brand. Here, we’ve rounded up seven ways to run an Instagram contest with examples of them in action.


Ask your followers to “double tap” an image to win what’s pictured (you can also require them to follow your account). It’s easy to execute, which means plenty of people will enter; and as a bonus, you gain tons of exposure for new products.



Top 5 Ways to Use Instagram Collages

Smart brands post outside the box on Instagram. With the number of photo-editing apps out there, it’s easy to liven up your Instagram posts and attract new followers. One of our favorite tricks is the photo collage (try using Picstitch or Diptic), the best usages of which are listed below.

Feature Different Colors. Take a pointer from Adidas (@adidas) and make a collage out of the different styles of any given product. You can also make a game out of it by asking fans to comment which version they prefer best!



8 Ways for Brands to Use Hyperlapse

hyperlapseInstagram’s new app, Hyperlapse, has got the whole social media community abuzz. Now available for iOS devices, Hyperlapse enables users to create cinematic timelapse videos using just the camera and microphone on their phones.

The app’s stabilizing technology makes it possible for professionals and amateurs alike to create amazing videos. With so much possible, we came up with a few ideas for brands to try:

Get the team involved. Shine the spotlight on the people who make your company go! Film the beehive of activity at your company headquarters, rally your crew for an impromptu dance party, or organize bodies to spell out a message on the lawn.


How To Build A Massive Instagram Following

Getting started on Instagram can be a daunting task, but finding followers is all about striking a chord with your target audience. In fact, the platform is so egalitarian that many of Instagram’s most popular accounts don’t belong to celebrities or big brands—they’re run by everyday people who manage to entertain, inspire, and captivate by the strength of their images.

In this post, we’ll show you how to emulate these Instagram hot-shots to build your own following.

Find a niche audience. Users follow niche accounts because they’re passionate about that topic and want a daily update from an expert in that field. Figure out what your target audience is most interested in and build your content around that. Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) spreads her positive energy to over 970,000 followers through yoga poses, beach captures, and uplifting captions.