Soldsie Spotlight: BlueBird Boutique

This is success for me.  I want to stay at home with my babies and run this boutique.

Libbys story is common enough among entrepreneurs. Unhappy in the insurance field, she wanted to make a career change to focus on her passions. Following her heart, Libby opened BlueBird Boutique in mid-April, selling clothing and jewelry items online. Libbys dream to own a business has now become a reality.

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Much of her success has come from building an engaging online community based on compelling products and her willful determination . BlueBird Boutique sells on both Facebook and Instagram – and is looking into using Soldsie on Pinterest.

Libby values the art of interaction, and 99% of her conversations with clients are on Facebook. She loves how that platform allows her to create an authentic dialogue and open environment for her customers.

Since family is the most important thing to Libby, it’s no surprise that people love when she posts about her children and husband. Her high engagement on Facebook comes from showcasing her human side. Her goal is to build a successful business that is scalable enough to provide for her family, but intimate enough to keep the reins in her hands.


With Soldsie, Libby implements a weekly flash sale. Each Sunday at 8 p.m. CST, she unveils her new arrivals. During the week, she does two additional sales, including a Thrifty Thursday sale, and she has created BlueBird Bucks (store credit) to entice her customers.

Summer Nights

In just two months working with Soldsie, Libby has generated $15,000 in revenue and landed 400 new customers from all over the world. 

Libbys Instagram selling strategy revolves around urgency. She finds that if there is just one item left, it has a much better chance of selling on Instagram.

Libbys advice to entrepreneurs trying to build followers and a brand through social selling:

 Make sure that you still remain a person.  A page is a page, and anybody can have a page, but no one is going to want to look at it, read it, or interact if they dont think there is a person behind it. 

 Check out Libbys shop on Facebook and Instagram.







5 Great Examples of Pinterest Marketing

With Pinterest now surpassing Twitter in popularity, it’s clearer than ever that the platform holds untapped potential for brands. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest isn’t overcrowded with branded content. This gives brands the unique opportunity to post without seeming pushy or “spammy.” Many brands are still struggling to define their online marketing strategy, while others have become Pinterest experts.

L.L. Bean boasts over 5.3 million followers, and Nordstrom has about 4.4 million. To help your business market on Pinterest, we’ve researched the best practices of top brands. Get inspired and start pinning!



6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Market Your Business

Pinterest Marketing Tips and Strategies

Pinterest’s user base is not as large as LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube, but studies show that when it comes to driving traffic to your website Pinterest generates superior results. Companies with highly visual components like jewelry designers, fashion retailers, or restaurants find lots of success with Pinterest.

By following the strategies outlined below, you can better market your business and drive more referral traffic to your website.



4 Tips for Boosting Facebook Ad Conversions


Social media advertising is changing the digital media landscape. Just as a batch-and-blast email produces disappointing results, so does a poorly designed and targeted Facebook ad. Selecting the right images, articulating a clear message, and setting up the correct targets leads to social media advertising success.

Here are four tips to boost conversions for your next Facebook ad campaign.



#SoldsieTips: SnapRetail’s Summer School

We had the wonderful opportunity to take part in SnapRetail‘s Summer School. Our Head of Marketing, Candice Nobles, led a webinar on how to increase sales on Facebook and Instagram using Soldsie.

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Here are a few best practices from the webinar.

#SoldsieTip: Publish quotes, daily memes, favorite recipes, celebrity photos or opinion polls (via @soldsie) #SRSummerSchool