12 Ways to Tweak Your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means consumers are getting ready to find the perfect gifts.

When it comes to holiday shopping, many consumers are turning to the Internet for help. In fact, nearly half of consumers say the Internet is their favorite shopping destination during the holiday season, according to HubSpot.



Tips for Creating a Seasonal Instagram Campaign

The holidays are a wonderful time to build relationships with your target audience. By using Instagram, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with customers through photos and videos that will inspire them throughout the holidays. Not only that, but the holiday season is charged with emotions, which means customers will more likely make purchases from your business.

If you’re planning to use Instagram as one of your holiday marketing tools, here are five last-minute tips for creating a seasonal Instagram campaign:



Facebook Allows Users More Control Over News Feed


Crafting the perfect Facebook News Feed is no easy task. Though users are flooded with irrelevant posts from people, pages, and groups, they’re also wary of letting Facebook dictate what they see. Thankfully, Facebook recently announced an update that places the power in the user’s hands.

Now when you encounter a post you don’t like, tap on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner to pull up a menu and select “I don’t want to see this.” Then, you can further customize your News Feed by choosing to see less from that person or unfollow them entirely. Conversely, you can choose to turn on notifications on a post, or save links for later if you’re on the web version.


Top Apps to Create Visual Quotes for Instagram

On social media, an eye-catching quote packs a punch. Whether it unites your followers under a relatable statement, serves as motivation, or makes them laugh out loud, a quote is sure to solicit engagement and shares.

There are several apps out there that help you create striking visual quotes to share on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms–here are some of our favorites!


Psychological Triggers to Convert Leads into Customers

If you offer a good product or service, chances are there are many people who would be interested in it. What converts them from being prospective customers to becoming actual customers though? Read on to find out about the psychological triggers behind closing a sale.

Avoiding Pain, Gaining Pleasure
Humans are hard wired to avoid pain and look for pleasure. The greatest urgency is to avoid pain though – the worse the pain, the more likely someone will look for a solution (the greater the headache, the more likely someone will swallow a painkiller). Pleasure in and of itself isn’t as strong a drive, but it is still pretty high up there. If you manage to combine the two, all the better.