How Facebook’s Audience Network Can Bring You Business

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Facebook has just announced the expansion of Audience Network, a service that allows advertisers to push their mobile ads into other apps besides Facebook. For those who are already running Facebook Ads, it only takes one click to expand their ad into third-party apps–Audience Network even uses the same targeting mechanisms like Custom Audiences, core audiences, and lookalike audiences.

What’s powerful about this is that it benefits both app developers and advertisers: developers ensure that relevant ads are being shown to their users–irrelevant ads run the risk of driving people away–and advertisers cast a wider net on mobile.

Advertisers can choose from one of three formats. Banner ads pop up at the top of a screen, interstitial ads take over the screen, and native ads mimic the feel of the app itself. Again, if your business is already running Facebook Ads, there’s no need to upload new photos or copy.

Audience Network is being slowly rolled out to more and more advertisers, so be on the lookout for this new feature! What do you think–will you be taking advantage?


Social Influencers & Content Marketing: The Perfect Match

Credit: The Simpsons

Credit: The Simpsons

Going from zero to hero as “the individual or brand with good content” in any industry is difficult. No matter how obscure it is or how much you know, there are already giants in it with enormous fan bases pumping out content much more consistently than you are.  They’ve been doing it for a long time. They know what the industry wants, and they have the budgets (that are probably 5-50x as big as yours) to match it.

So… how do you get a handhold?



How to Leverage Posts to Page on Facebook

On the left hand side of a Facebook business page, you’ll discover Posts to Page. Here, posts that users have made on the page–along with posts in which the page is mentioned–are proudly displayed. It doesn’t have to end there, however. Here are ways to make use of those posts to better your business.

  • Show you care by replying promptly. Whether it’s praise from a satisfied customer or a rant from a peeved one, make sure you reply–not only is it good customer service, but it also assures third parties that your brand is friendly and accessible.
  • Keep track of common inquiries. If a question keeps reappearing, or a complaint keeps popping up, push it onto the agenda to be addressed. Update your FAQ page, fix a problem, or bring back an often-requested product.
  • Hide inappropriate posts. Inevitably, someone will spam your page. If the post is completely irrelevant, clean it up by choosing “Hide Post.”
  • Share standout posts. When you click on the timestamp for any given post, you’ll be taken to a new URL. From there, click on the down-facing arrow and select “Embed Post” to be given an embed code for your website. This is a great way to share testimonials to your business site or blog, and best of all, it links right back to your Facebook page and point of sale.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.47.46 PMDo you monitor your Posts to Page? How has it helped your customer service?


How to Use Soldsie for Social Good

On the heels of Mashable’s Social Good Summit last week, we at Soldsie are envisioning ways that social media can transform our world. Whether that be empowering girls and women, reaching sustainable solutions, or revamping education, technology has a role to play. Here are some ways to start leveraging your Soldsie sales for social good.

Pass on the proceeds. Dedicate a portion of your sales to a specific organization. The Pippi Page, for example, sells chihuahua calendars once a year and donates funds to a local animal shelter as a tribute to her rescue dog, Pippi. Fans love tracing Pippi’s journey to recovery and getting to know her furry brothers and sisters.

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Feature products inspired by the cause. Create a campaign of products that honor your social vision. This can be as straightforward as selling T-shirts with a rallying slogan on it, or as oblique as selling products of a symbolic color (i.e. green for sustanability). Announce the sale and explain its significance to your fans so that they can get on board.



Secret Strategies to Raise Prices and Sell Even More Online

Some people think that product pricing is mostly about supply and demand.  If there’s a large audience that wants a product that is in short supply, that company can charge a higher price.  The reality though is that pricing is highly psychological and goes far beyond simple economic factors.  This is why you can actually raise your prices and still make more sales if you take advantage of several psychological principles.

Psychology of Influence Perceptual Contrast Theory

Credit: Ugg

The “Perceptual Contrast Effect” allows you to sell something at a higher price by first introducing the customer to something that’s even more costly.  The principle reveals that if you show a person two related objects, they will perceive an exaggerated difference in the thing that they see second.  So you can get someone looking at a $150 pair of shoes to behave as if they are purchasing a $100 pair of shoes by first showing them a $250 pair of shoes. Because the customer was shown a higher-priced pair of shoes first, the second pair of shoes seems even less expensive in contrast, which is where the term gets its name.

So what do you think happens in the opposite situation?   (more…)