Best SEO Uses For A Blog on an E-Commerce Site

Business person looking to grow their eCommerce store

E-commerce SEO is tough. Google gives so much love to giants like Amazon and Walmart – non-powerhouses often times struggle to get any organic traffic to their sites.

Blogs are the solution. You can rank for queries related to your products and then funnel those visitors to your product pages. An authoritative domain helps rank product pages and category pages, too. The more SEO juice your blog has, the more SEO juice your domain has.

Below, we’ll go over what to write on your e-commerce blog and why you should write it. No matter what you sell, you’ll be able to take our ideas and run with them, helping you to sell your products successfully online.


Region & Country Targeting on Facebook: Brand Guide

You may have noticed that Facebook has an option to publish posts to a specific region or country anywhere in the world. Of course, you can also do this with paid advertising and boosting your posts.

Many brands overlook this feature, as they think that their posts are universal. Some may be – that is absolutely true. But by being able to target content by region, you can have a more successful social media presence… period. Followers will feel more of a connection to you if you’re localizing content, and your organic reach and CTR will both reflect that.

This is your guide to targeting by region on Facebook. It’s a bit of additional work, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Read it, apply it to your personal brand, and watch as your social presence climbs steadily upwards.



Shine A Light: Blogging On Your Community


With a blog, we hope to accomplish a variety of marketing goals: increase web SEO, feature new products, announce contests and promotions. Beyond that, however, the blog is an expression of your brand’s unique voice and a chance to showcase your brand’s story.

To truly engage your community, it’s important that your content feature your community. By celebrating your employees, affiliates, mentors, and customers, you’re strengthening your brand and inviting fans to identify with you. Here are some great ways to include your community on your blog. (more…)


How to Properly Track Social Media Posts and Promos

Social Media Icons

The backbone of any social campaign is an audience. Past that, what separates the effective social media marketers from the ineffective ones is how posts are tracked and optimized. As there is no external analytic integration into any social networks, we have to do figure out how to do this on our end.

This post will go over three things:

  • How to track effectiveness of promotions (either your accounts or influencers’ accounts posting a direct link to your external promotional page)
  • How to set up your site to track overall social stats over time
  • How to go above and beyond to improve social user experience on your site tenfold

Let’s get started.



How to Start Selling on Social


The role of social media is ever evolving, providing new ways for businesses of all sizes to connect with customers and complete sales. As the trend continues and consumers are groomed to expect easy transactions directly on social media, brands are making their products available on popular platforms.

Climbing on board can be daunting, but taking the steps below can ensure that your social selling debut is a success, and pave the way to your first campaign! (more…)