Five eCommerce Web Design Tips to Improve Sales

In a 1973 lecture at the University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Watson of IBM quoted, “Good design is good business.”

When selling product online, the design of your eCommerce website can impact online sales. Website design is emerging as a significant strategic element. It can help a business establish its corporate identity, develop its brand, and differentiate itself and its products from the competition.

Poor eCommerce Design Can Cost Profits

Getting your web design wrong can cost you potential income and have a negative overall impact on your business. Listed below are some ecommerce web design tips to help users have a good experience and will help improve your sales numbers.



How Hashtags Work On Different Social Media Networks

#tbt, #instagood, #totes are all part of our everyday vernacular, and we have social media to thank! Hashtags are a pervasive tool for users to start, plug into, or track a conversation on social media. Not all hashtags were created equal, however.  The function of a hashtag can vary depending on where it appears—Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook. In this post, we break down the differences between each site, and show you how to best put your hashtags to use.


Twitter (well, Chris Messina) invented the hashtag, so it’s no wonder that they’re ubiquitous on the micro-blogging platform. From trending hashtags that everyone’s using to one-off hashtags that are limited to a certain campaign, brands have plenty of opportunity to contribute to pertinent conversations.

Soldsie Tip: Create a balance between new hashtags, like the one Nesquik is using for its Game Day Sweepstakes, and popular hashtags. Too many of either can make your brand seem disconnected or “spammy,” respectively.


The first thing you should know about Pinterest hashtags is that they’re only clickable in the pin description (no need to put them in board names or the profile section).

Secondly, you’ll notice that when you input a hashtag in the search box, the results that turn up will include the phrase in usernames and images, not just the description. This means that if your brand is using a generic hashtag, your pins will be lost in the deluge.

Etsy solves this problem by asking a guest pinner to curate a #BrooklynBride collection. Followers can easily find and share picturesque wedding ideas, as well as other pins that fit into a certain aesthetic:


Soldsie Tip: Create a unique hashtag for your brand so that followers can access your content easily. This is especially useful for new campaigns, product launches, and contests.


Instagram is a platform that rewards aesthetics and brevity. Since the image is the star of the show, your captions should be succinct: either informative, funny, or appropriate. Because of that, hashtags can be a purely functional, organizational tool, or they can be a tongue-in-cheek extension of the caption itself.

Because Instagram is so of-the-moment, hashtags can create communities around huge events (think #WorldCup or #Superbowl2014). When brands participate, they reach a wide and enthusiastic audience.

Warby Parker gets it right with #warbysummer. It groups posts together by season, but it also promotes the brand and invites users to contribute by inspiring user-generated content: how would they style their frames? In other words, it’s a conversation-starter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.11.22 PM

Soldsie Tip: Keep your Instagram hashtags short and sweet, and switch them out for specific marketing drives that invite creative responses.


Hashtags on Facebook are nowhere near as popular as they are on other social media networks, but the advantage to that is attention—anyone searching a hashtag will have to rifle through a lot fewer posts before they find yours.

Coca-Cola’s #ShareACoke supports the eponymous campaign, which encourages fans to find bottles marked with their names. Posting the content to Facebook helps gain major traction—this post has over 2,000 likes and 20 shares two hours after posting:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 3.57.21 PM

Soldsie Tip: While Facebook may not be the best place to get a hashtag started, it is one of the best ways to get exposure. Post to your Facebook page from your Twitter and Instagram accounts to import your hashtags.

What’s your approach to using hashtags? Let us know in the comments!


5 Brand Posts On Facebook That Will Make You LOL

In vying for precious real estate on the Facebook news feed, businesses have resorted to boosting posts and placing ads. While these can be effective methods for increasing Facebook reach, they cost a pretty penny and exclude small businesses from competing on a larger scale.

Good news–there is a way to get more likes, shares, and comments on your posts without spending any money—through humor. It seems the best way to your audience’s heart is through the funny bone.

Here are a few examples of brands that are gaining traction on social media and having fun along the way.



What Happens in Vegas…

This past week we headed to IRC at ASD in Las Vegas. While we were there, we met a lot of  retail stores. We had the opportunity to present to packed audiences on social selling. Our Head of Marketing, Candice Nobles, took the stage to teach them about how Soldsie could help their business.




Soldsie Integrates with Magento

Now brands can easily turn their social page into a social store

We’re thrilled to announce our new extension for Magento. Magento works with over 240,000 merchants worldwide including Nike and Stella & Dot. Soldsie is making it simpler for big brands to unlock social shopping capabilities.

Founder of Soldsie, Chris Bennett, is excited for capabilities the integration provides, “Social shopping is the future of e-commerce. Amazon showed us that in early May. Soldsie is paving the way for brands to easily activate their social communities by enabling social commerce with the turn of a key.”

It only takes three simple steps to increase sales:
Install the Soldsie extension for free in Magento Connect.

Active your social shopping campaign.

Start selling on Facebook or Instagram.

smocked auctions

Smocked Auctions — one of our star clients with over $1.5 million in net sales – has already utilized the platform and seen proven results.

“The Magento integration means our customers can shop across multiple channels while checking out in just one place. That singular user experience was vital to us and made Soldsie the perfect partner. Now our customer never feels like they’ve left Smocked Auctions from start to finish.” – Nicole Brewer, co-founder of Smocked Auction

Read Smocked Auction’s case study to see how Magneto has allowed their operations to grow, and learn more about our new technology partnership with Magneto.