Soldsie Digest – Summer Social Media Tips for Year Round Product, Snapchat Breaks into the Box Office Game

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Summer Social Media tips that will give your year round products a marketing boost: put your products in a new seasonal context for your followers to boost your engagement and sales during the Summer months. Soldsie.

Facebook audience insights can help with creating high-conversion ads: learn how to harness this dynamic tool presented by guest blogger Tammy Cannon. Soldsie.

Instagram shops are a simple way to turn your social media following into customers: follow this how-to and turn your pics into profit. Soldsie.

From the Networks

Twitter looks beyond 140 characters: how longer tweets will change the game. TechCrunch.

Facebook adds reactions that highlight videos’ best moments: finding “the best part” of vids just got a lot easier. Digital Trends.

Snapchat is tapped by Fox to sell latest X-Men franchise tickets: metrics from this campaign could spell Snap-clout. Recode.
Instagram launching it’s new algorithm could effect the “influence economy: fashion/tech experts weigh-in on the future of your feed. BoF.

From Everyone Else

Toyota and Uber look to strike partnership: It’s a bold step toward potentially uniting the automotive and ride-share industries. Motortrend.

Europe relaxes digital borders for cost conscious shoppers: digital bargain hunters can now comparison-shop different prices from different nations. Cnet.

Spotify adds Discover Weekly, boosting users and streams: delivering monday morning playlists gets this streaming service competitively back in the game. The Verge.

Smartphones, mobile service, and international travel simplified for those on the go: these tips will allow you to get global, get mobile, and save a bit of $. The New York Times.

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LIFE Clothing Co. delivers  Southern California’s hippy-mix (injected with a bit of rule-breaking edge) throughout their curated assortment of casual separates. Cut-and-sew tops in gauzy jerseys pair with fluid pants for the girls, while guys can find a selection of graphic tees that mix striking design with just the right amount of sarcasm. As the Summer ‘16 music festival season kicks into full-swing, their 31.5k Instagram followers can seamlessly shop their @lifeclothingco feed via


5 Social Media Tips for Marketing Your Year-round Product During Summer’s Warm Months

635921501148567896926053572_Summer (5)

Worried about how to keep the products you stock for the majority of the year viable on social media during the fast upon us Summer months? Here are 5 tips that will help you to position your your business’ goods in a seasonally relevant way for your audience of followers.



How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Create Ads that Convert

It’s now easier than ever to build relationships that lead to sales online. One surefire way to get eyes on your content is to create a Facebook ad that leads potential customers to your posts. Once there, they can engage and eventually purchase from you. Boosting a post may work for some, but let’s take a look at creating a highly targeted ad that converts using Audience Insights.



How to Start an Instagram Shop

You may already be harnessing some of the power of Instagram to share images of your products.  But right now you are probably sending potential buyers off-site to purchase your products from either your online store or Etsy.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could directly start selling on Instagram to your customers?

Believe it or not, you can, with an app like Soldsie or In this article you’ll learn how to build your Instagram account to serve as a storefront for your brand and become an effective sales channel for your business.



Soldsie Digest – Facebook expands targeted video ads, a Jonas brother helps us DNCE on 💃💃💃

From Soldsie

4 small business owners offer fantastic advice for running a successful Instagram account. Check it out and let us know if you have any tips of your own! Soldsie Blog.

From the Networks

Snapchat is going the way of Facebook and working on an algorithm to partition private accounts and brands. As the leading platform for reaching the kids nowadays, merchants should expect to start paying for boosted posts in the near future. Digiday.

Facebook to expand targeted video ads to other companies.  The social media giant is extending its ability to connect users and brands beyond your facebook feed with “pre, mid-, and post- roll” video advertisements on other websites. Marketing Dive.

From Everyone Else

Reddit will soon allow embedded posts on other websites. Currently, if you wanted to share noteworthy Reddit content, your only option was to post a screenshot. This change is reported to allow direct connection to articles, videos, comment threads, and AMA’s. TechCrunch.

Lyft now allows riders to book 24 hours in advance in San FranciscoThe company wants to offer more options to riders while still keeping on-demand ride share its primary focus. The Verge

Amazon no longer offers refunds on price drop items. Except for televisions,Amazon has stopped refunding customers if the price of a item drops after purchase, possibly due to the rise of price tracking startups. Recode

7 brands that are getting Instagram video ads right. Video ad impressions jumped from 30 to 65 percent from December 2015 to March of this year. Here are 7 brands taking advantage of the platform. Digiday.

Featured Store

The funk-pop band @DNCE uses to direct over 398K followers to music videos and concert information. The band features Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers with fantastic electronic and rock musicians. We love how these performers have chosen to use as a way to connect their Instagram followers to their music.