10 Small Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

Success is a state of mind. Starting a small business may be daunting, what’s most important is to keep the fire in your belly going. After that, it’s all about doing your homework, finding the right resources, and networking. Chances are, you’ve landed here because you want to build your business by selling on Facebook. Here are 10 blogs for the savvy entrepreneur who’s delving into social commerce:

Firepole Marketing

Founder Danny Iny quit school at fifteen to start his own business, so you know Firepole Marketing is about starting from the grassroots and exploding outwards. The blog publishes a good variety of information from smartphone apps to marketing podcasts, and posts are always engaging and well-written.

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Michel Fortin

The eponymous Michel Fortin, a copywriter, marketer, and consultant, writes level-headed posts that break down arguments for accessible reading. He also often offers deals for helpful services, like customer care packages.

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Danny Brown

Danny Brown is a bona-fide expert. Having spoken at events and seminars like TEDx, New Media Expo, and Social Media Week, Danny Brown now brings his expertise in an easy-on-the-eyes blog form. Each post is well-researched, hyper-informative, and topical. Get to it!

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Small Biz Lady

Melinda Emerson, a trusted voice in small business, juggles plenty of topics in her blog, from social media to women entrepreneurship. She also hosts an enlightening Twitter talk show called #SmallBizChat, hosted every Wednesday from 8-9 PM ET.

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DIY Marketers

Ivana Taylor talks shop in DIY Marketers, coming at the small business topic from interesting angles. Want to learn how to apply the rules of improv to running a business? Want an example of an awesome email autoresponder? Look no further than–

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Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Lynne Strang worked at a “real job” for 17 years before quitting to become her own boss. Her posts are clear-headed and inspirational, often telling the story of other older entrepreneurs. For those making a mid-career switch, this blog is your best bet.

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Women on Business

Who run the world? (Girls.) Beyoncé would approve of this blog, which publishes great posts about business that everyone–male or female–can benefit from.

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You’re the Boss: the Art of Running a Small Business

This blog from the New York Times keeps you up-to-date on new developments in the small business world and examines the stories of other business owners.

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Small Business Trends

One of the biggest blogs on this list, Small Business Trends covers everything from management to finance to resources. It may take a little exploring to find all the articles that relate to your specific business, but it’s a great resource with lots of fresh information.

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Articles galore! BizSugar allows bloggers to share their articles; votes from readers float them to the top. This is a great place to find inspiration, connect with other entrepreneurs, and to submit your own posts.

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There’s no short supply for great SMB blogs. What are your go-tos?