5 Home Furnishings Trends to Sell on Social Now!

Like no generation previously, millennials are foregoing brick-and-mortar retailers for the ease of online shopping. It’s no surprise that they’ve moved beyond tricking out their wardrobes to outfitting their homes with up-to-the-minute interior accents that speak to their aesthetically explorative sensibilities. If you’re selling home furnishings on social media, this is no time to get left behind; we’ve curated the 5 trends you can bet on to captivate you followers and fly off your shelves now!

Killim rugs inject a contemporary global vibe, grounding spaces in an inarguably earthy brand of cozy chic. Styles featuring bold marigold, fuchsia, and salmon tones are surefire.


Records are spinning like they haven’t in decades. Don’t believe us? The Guardian reports that 2016 marked a 25-year highpoint for vinyl sales. That’s right, millennials are spinning “tangible music” again, and carving out artfully arranged spaces in their homes to do so; the key element of these picture-perfect music nooks is a conversation-starter of a record player.


Wool blankets have said sayonara to the bedroom, featuring prominently as accents atop sofas and chairs in living space. Think Crayola colors in optic contrasts and you’ll be on the right track to nailing the look of these eye-catching throws.


No longer an afterthought, bathrooms are getting the full designed decor treatment as well; and what better place to start then with a casual-luxe shower curtain? How fitting that many new styles are in canvas, considering that they act as bold contemporary art within up-to-date bathroom spaces.


Created from the chips of granite and marble set in concrete, terrazzo’s midcentury heritage as a wonder-material is being revitalized via motif homages. Rocky designs are popping up on a broad spectrum of interiors products from pencil jars and bookends, to wallpaper and linens.

Whether re-envisioning their dens or upgrading their dorm rooms, your audience of social followers will be excited to put your products selected via these concepts to good use!


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-Kibwe Chase-Marshall, Community Manager