5 Steps to Building and Promoting a Facebook Group

For social commerce retailers selling directly on Facebook, reach is everything. As you know, the Facebook algorithm can make it tough for your Facebook Page posts to reach your entire audience— which is why many sellers are turning to Facebook Groups.

When someone posts to a Facebook Group, all its members get a notification, driving up views and engagement. The difference in traffic with a Facebook Group versus a Page can be drastic. To help you make the most sales, we’ve rounded up the best ways to recruit more members to your Group, all the while keeping in mind that, as in most cases, quality matters more than quantity.

Invite Your Existing Mailing List

Choose a mailing list that includes interested parties—your past customers, people who have opted in for news through your website, or previous contest entries, for example. This ensures that you’re reaching out to people who are genuinely interested in your brand and are likely to not only join, but participate in, the Group.

Post Regularly

Especially when your Group is just getting off the ground, it’s up to you to keep the conversation going. Post regular updates—you can poll members about what they’d like to see next in your store, or ask them to share photos of themselves enjoying your product.

Give Users an Incentive to Join

You may choose to post exclusive preview items to your Group, or offer flash sales of extra inventory at rock bottom prices. Whatever it is, make sure to advertise to your Page, email list, and other channels with the link to your Group.

Host a Contest

Launch a giveaway that targets your current and potential customers with some of your most popular items as the prizes. Announce the contest on your website, newsletter, and social media channels, then post the rules to your Group, enticing users to join in order to enter.

Place a Facebook Ad

While there isn’t a way to promote a post within your Facebook Group, you can boost a Facebook Page post that includes a link to the Group. Make sure the copy is clear, pithy, and states why users will want to join your Group, then target the audience to make sure it goes to people likely to know and support your brand.

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