5 Ways Your Business Can Win on Instagram

Are you ramping up your Instagram marketing efforts, but see no significant boosts so far? Perhaps you are not doing it the right way? If you have been trying your luck in social media marketing but to no avail, fret no more! We’ve compiled and done thorough research to share with you some tips on how your business can win the most out of Instagram.

1. Make the Most of Instagram Stories

If you are one of those people who stick to using still photos for your visual campaign, then it is high time that you change that strategy. Videos have the power to engage more potential customers than pictures alone—this claim has already been proven by a series of studies these last few years.

Instagram has introduced a revolutionary way to promote your business on the platform— through Instagram stories. This Instagram marketing feature allows you to share interactive, fun, and fresh happenings, including behind-the-scenes clips about your business. You can use Instagram stories to give hints about future product launches or upcoming events. This makes you more lovable to your target market. The connection is not only appealing and fun, but you’re making it more personal.

Try it all—images, videos, snippets, etc. Instagram is the king of visual campaigns, allowing you to express your campaign through high-quality visuals.

2. Channel Your Creativity and Uniqueness through Instagram

Instagram may be loved because of several reasons, yet the most incredible thing about this platform is that it lets you channel your own creativity and uniqueness. As a business-minded person, you can take advantage of the many Instagram features to further promote and widen your brand’s network like combining pictures and videos in your stories and using trending hashtags and filters. Whether you are into filters or not, you cannot deny that built-in filters are what made Instagram famous back in the day. It allows you to make your brand “on trend,” as Instagram always updates their filter features.

3. Connect to Your Followers Any Time in Real Time

Use smartphones a lot? No problem! Instagram has made it easier for businesses that target smartphone users to market their brand in real time. Instagram is a very mobile-friendly platform; this is in response to the study which shows that most online buyers are actually smartphone users.

Online shoppers use their smartphones to search and purchase products and services in just a few clicks on the phone. And since Instagram can be downloaded as an app in all types of smartphone models, this makes it easier for you to reach as many potential customers as you like.

4. Engage in Community Networks

As part of a wider and more efficient Instagram marketing campaign, you can now connect to different communities. For business owners, being part of great communities is an opportunity to make more connections, and Instagram is an excellent place to start that community campaign!

If you want to get serious buyers, joining different communities is the way to go. Just know the basic demographics of your target market and share the most relevant content in various communities. This helps you in making your campaign more personalized to your target market.

5. Double Conversion Rate Through Paid Media

If you have just started your Instagram marketing campaign and don’t have a solid fan base yet, getting your campaign to spread across different profiles may a little bit challenging. However, Instagram is an excellent platform for your paid media campaign. According to research, people remember ads on Instagram about 3 times more than the average ads online. Instagram also has very impressive visual Instagram marketing tools that you can use to enhance your ads.

Yotpo, for instance, is a great Instagram marketing tool that enables you to gather images, reviews, and ratings that your followers submit to you, and then turn it into a whole new, powerful ad post.

No matter what you do to enhance your marketing campaign, utilizing the power of Instagram can certainly make a big difference. Millions of successful brand owners have already reaped their success through this powerful network, so why can’t you?

Abegail Smith is a content writer at BuyRealMarketing. She offers and shares her prowess in online marketing articles.