6 Product Photography Tips for Instagram


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With 300 million active users per month, Instagram is a colossal force in social media and an indispensable tool for brands looking to connect with followers.

From multinational companies like Nike to small businesses and local establishments, brands of all sizes are using Instagram to drive sales and engage customers.

An integral part of the sales cycle is the product photo. Below, we give some pointers about the less obvious aspects of Instagram product photography to ensure that you’re taking advantage of social sales.

Don’t shoot in square format.

Though Instagram enforces a square format for all posts, shoot in landscape or portrait view before cropping to save pixels and options for composition.

The above post made by North Face has great textural detail and a layout informed by the rule of thirds. Shooting with a larger frame gives you more artistic control over the finished image.


#Bespoke (now available for a limited time at the #Malibu, #San Diego and Costa Mesa boutiques) A photo posted by Oliver Peoples (@oliverpeoples) on

Change your depth of field.

With a DSLR lens, changing the aperture manipulates the depth of field in the photo, but an iPhone camera does not have that flexibility.

It’s possible to recreate the effect with a photo editing app, however, as Oliver Peoples does above. In Instagram itself, you can click on the teardrop icon to apply the tilt shift effect. This lets you selectively blur different areas of your photo. Snapseed is another great photo editing app with more sophisticated controls than Instagram offers.



San Francisco summers are good for many things, one of them being greenhouse and nursery visits. Our Mini Bike to the Beach Bag enjoys Shelldance Orchid Gardens in Pacifica which is open to the public on weekends. Go check it out! 📷 by the talented @caydiemccumber


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Pick the right backdrop.

Putting your product center stage doesn’t necessarily mean shooting it against a white backdrop. Alite Designs shows its Mini Bike to the Beach Bag in its natural habitat–on an adventure in the company’s native San Francisco.

Whether it’s placing your product in the right environment or simply choosing a textured or colored background, a unique backdrop can infuse the subject with a dose of personality.


ILLUMINATION. COMFORT. RESILIENCE. #banglespotlight #lighthouse #ALEXANDANI #withlove #bangles #silver #gold #positiveenergy >>> Shop by using the link in our profile! A photo posted by ALEX AND ANI (@alexandani) on

Crop creatively.

Sometimes, the right composition comes when you think outside the box. This post by Alex And Ani zooms in on the architecture of delicate charm bracelets and makes use of the whole frame. The result is an interesting visual display that is playful and eye-catching.



Summer Honey is made with wildflower honey, so getting her cider is like getting her flowers, but better! #AngryOrchard #BranchOut #HardCider #GlutenFree


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Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.

Repetition, pattern, and rhythm are some design elements you can put to work on Instagram as you arrange your products for the screen.

Angry Orchard’s Summer Honey Cider, repeated above, creates a sense of pleasing harmony. The memorable display is not only playful, but it also suggests plentitude, an attitude that goes well with the fun-in-the-sun season.


The Cotton Slub collection for women is here. Shop using the link in our profile. A photo posted by Everlane (@everlane) on

Create a flatlay.

Flatlays are a cornerstone of fashion and beauty displays, and for good reason. Flatlays evoke a mood, bespeak a personality, and inspire a look.

Everlane introduced the Cotton Slub collection with miscellaneous props, creating a layout that married casual to cool. For even more eye candy, head to 7 Tricks for Creating the Perfect Flatlay.

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