9 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ad ROI

Buying a Facebook ad can seem intimidating—how do you ensure that your advertising dollars are going to good use? Luckily, Facebook assures us that marketers don’t get charged until their ads are seen, not just served. But the responsibility of crafting an ad that converts lies with you. Here, we outline the steps to success and making sure you get a healthy return on your investment.

Choose to Boost or Create an Ad

Whether you’re going to boost a post or run a Facebook ad largely depends on your goals for the campaign. While there are many factors involved, generally, boosting a post increases your audience engagement in the form of likes and comments, while a Facebook ad offers many more customization options that help you get Page likes, website click-throughs, app installs, offer claims, etc. For the purposes of this post, we will focus on the latter category.

Use a High Resolution Image

This goes without saying, but even a slightly fuzzy image will put viewers off. This is the building block of your ad, so make sure it’s digital perfection.

…and a High-Impact Image

Your audience will be scrolling down the page or thumbing through their phones, so if your image doesn’t translate at high speeds, then it won’t catch their attention.

Show People Using Your Product

Because your ad is competing with the News Feed, which is full of updates from friends and family, it needs to make a human connection. Show your product in action–how does it make people happy, or bring them closer to their goals?

Keep the Text Simple and Relatable

If your image includes text, make sure the message is clear. It can convey your brand’s personality (“Be Bold”), or announce a promotion (“Free Trial”). Either way, it shouldn’t overpower the image itself. Don’t forget to fine-tune the tone for your audience: make sure that the language appeals to your customers.

Feature a Testimonial

Sometimes the customer says it best. In lieu of a message from your business, maybe you want to substitute a quote from a happy customer, a cultural influencer, or an expert in the industry.

Try Out Video Content

Increasingly, attention is moving to video, which is a more dynamic, eye-catching way to deliver your message than a still image. Short video carousel ads are bite-sized videos embedded in the feed that automatically play as users scroll past—be sure to get the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds.

Target Your Demographic

Facebook allows you to tweak the settings to target age, location, interests, and many more settings to help you find your perfect audience. You may also look into Local Awareness ads that are designed to help bring traffic to your brick-and-mortar store.

Test For Higher Performance

As you cycle through your uploaded images and ad copy, take note of what’s most effective and try to improve on your results.