9 Ways to Showcase Your Product on Instagram

As you well know, Instagram is an indispensable tool for connecting with your fans and building your brand. An integral part of that process is showcasing your products. However, this involves more than a mere mug shot–every post on Instagram is a chance to tell your brand’s story, so make it count with one of these creative ideas.

  • Create a flatlay. Instead of simply marketing to your fans, inspire them. This one from Rag & Bone builds an outfit that oozes classic cool and suggests how one might incorporate their products into the day-to-day. Not sure where to start? Check out 7 Tricks for Creating the Perfect Flatlay!

Rag & Bone

  • Find a new context. Show fans new ways to enjoy your product. General Mills suggests sprinkling Lucky Charms marshmallows into hot cocoa, prompting one fan to comment, “This is revolutionary.”

General Mills

  • Create a color wheel. Nothing is more eye-catching than a dose of vibrant color, so try arranging your products by hue. Keds announces a new springtime collection in this aesthetically pleasing way.


  • Or, keep it monochromatic. Make a bold statement by emphasizing one color. Dolls Kill makes a sleek presentation of its new light-up sneakers with this all-white ensemble.

Dolls Kill

  • Use graphics. Add doodles, text, or action lines to your product–anything that supports your brand’s personality and makes your product stand out.
  • Shoot a video. Announce your product in a creative way with an Instagram video. Banana Republic combines this technique with the last, creating a playful game of tic-tac-toe with products from their limited edition BR Mini line.

Banana Republic

  • Show us the product in action. Place your products in motion by showing us the ways people love and enjoy them. Tell a story, like this post from Michaels which celebrates a young girl’s creative spark.


  • Make a collage. Showing off a new collection? Making gift suggestions? A collage might be just the thing to evoke a certain mood. For example, Anthropologie offers a “stylescope” for Pisces this month with “birthday must-haves.”


  • Give a tutorial. Show your fans what your products are capable of, and fill your feed with ideas for using them in fresh, inventive ways. Minted delights with these uniquely wrapped gifts in printed fabric.


Got more ideas for using Instagram to show off your products? Let us know in the comments!