Bip & Bop Sells Handmade Jewelry on Instagram With

Based in Sacramento, California, Bip & Bop offers classic handmade jewelry whose simple, elegant, and feminine designs make them ideal gifts—or treats for yourself. Founded in 2011 by Nicole M, a new mother to twin daughters, Bip & Bop now boasts over 48,000 Instagram followers who avidly shop the feed through

We asked Nicole about how her online boutique takes advantage of to amp up sales on Instagram, and how the platform helps her get smarter about what her customers want. Find the Q&A below!

When did you start Bip & Bop?

Bip and Bop began back in 2011, several months after my twin daughters (Isabella and Brooklyn) were born. Brooklyn had special medical needs and required two surgeries within 9 months of being born. I dreamed about being able to find a way to make an income while working from home, during naps and bedtime, so that I could quit my day job. After doing a lot of research, I taught myself to make the jewelry similar to what is sold today.

Who do you design for?

Bip and Bop is the perfect gift for every woman! From graduates to brides to new moms and grandmas, everyone loves our personalized and meaningful jewelry.

How often do you post on Instagram?

I try to post at least once a day, but am struggling to do so, now that my daughters are on summer vacation from school. 🙂

How did you discover

I had been searching for an app that makes shopping as easy as possible, and does this perfectly. We have so many different styles, so giving customers the exact link for the pictured item definitely increased my sales.

Have you learned anything from the dashboard?

I love the newsletter opt-in feature, as well as seeing which time of the day and day of the week leads to the most views and then sales.

Any parting words for small business owners?

Instagram and are very strong marketing tools, so be prepared to post as much as you can. 🙂