Soldsie Digest – Instagram Goes “Offline” (in a good way), Gucci Gets Spacey, and Coachella Tells Endless IG Stories

From Soldsie Hashtastic: Several new merchants selling via Soldsie on IG have inquired about how they can optimize the use of hashtags…well look no further! Soldsie Blog From the Networks Facebook gets totally teen. The social media giant’s TechPrep program primes ethnically underrepresented teens for coding careers. CNN Tech Instagram goes “offline”. The photo-post driven […]


Soldsie Digest – Facebook’s “Facelift”, Snapchat’s Lovin’ It, and Soundcloud Takes a Chance (The Rapper!)

From Soldsie Face Lift: Ready for the “New New”? Facebook continues to evolve, introducing 3 new exciting features to the platform’s mega-reach. Soldsie Blog Tip(s) Top: Guest contributor Mary Walton delivers some priceless tips for selling and branding online. Soldsie Blog From the Networks Facebook signs up. The social media giant creates one-click subscription option […]


Soldsie Digest – Rihanna “Works” IG Live, Wuu “who?”, and Apple Goes w/ the “Flow”

From Soldsie Save the Day: Like Rihanna, you and your brand can now save Instagram Live streams. We show you how! Market Fresh: We’ve rounded up 10 terrific marketing tips that engage social media to take your brand to the next level. From the Networks Facebook enlivens your desktop. The social media giant now allows […]


Soldsie Digest – Marketing Pro Tips, Facebook May Have Gone Too Far Cloning Snapchat, Take a Hike With @thebagtalk.

From Soldsie Looking for Inspiration? Here are 10 Marketing Tips for Social Media. Soldsie Blog. Snap better iPhone pictures for Instagram! Soldsie Blog From the Networks Facebook’s Messenger Day rolls out its Snapchat clone, a visual messaging feature. TechCrunch. Twitter tests a new feature that warns user of viewing potentially sensitive or graphic content. TechCrunch. […]


Photo Fab: Improve Your IPhone Created Images for IG!

If you’re starting to sell on social and not yet ready to make the investment in expensive camera equipment, you aren’t alone! Many new to the selling-through-social game get overwhelmed by the range of DLSR camera features and going to sticker shock when they comparison shop prices. That said, building beautiful images can make or […]