Soldsie Digest – Rihanna “Works” IG Live, Wuu “who?”, and Apple Goes w/ the “Flow”

From Soldsie Save the Day: Like Rihanna, you and your brand can now save Instagram Live streams. We show you how! Market Fresh: We’ve rounded up 10 terrific marketing tips that engage social media to take your brand to the next level. From the Networks Facebook enlivens your desktop. The social media giant now allows […]


Learn To “Work, Work, Work” IG Live Like Rihanna!

Good Girl Gone ‘Gram (LIVE): Fast on the heels of “Stories”, Instagram’s “Live” feature is quickly becoming one of the most exciting ways for your brand to generate buzz while creating super engaging content. Never one to shy away from the cutting edge of trend, Rihanna took to “The ‘Gram” on Monday evening to host […]


Photo Fab: Improve Your IPhone Created Images for IG!

If you’re starting to sell on social and not yet ready to make the investment in expensive camera equipment, you aren’t alone! Many new to the selling-through-social game get overwhelmed by the range of DLSR camera features and going to sticker shock when they comparison shop prices. That said, building beautiful images can make or […]


Soldsie Digest – New Instagram Permissions Guidelines, Snapchat Goes Drone, and Google Gets Wired

From Soldsie With Permission: Some users have experienced challenges due to updated Instagram permissions configurations. Here’s a quick guide to resetting permissions and getting back up-and-running! Perfect 10: Not sure what’s around the trend bend? Have no fear we rounded up the 10 collections you need to know now from #nyfw! Tax Season has […]


Flash 4: Mardi Great/The Write Stuff/Moet Up/Nothin But a #

Our newest editorial blog feature offers you a bi-weekly look at some of the concepts/products/people/places moving the dialogues of design/tech/style/culture forward. A great way to prime your mind to explore over the weekend!