Bip & Bop Sells Handmade Jewelry on Instagram With

Based in Sacramento, California, Bip & Bop offers classic handmade jewelry whose simple, elegant, and feminine designs make them ideal gifts—or treats for yourself. Founded in 2011 by Nicole M, a new mother to twin daughters, Bip & Bop now boasts over 48,000 Instagram followers who avidly shop the feed through We asked Nicole […]


Portland Boutique WM Goods Dazzles With a Shoppable Instagram

A visit to Portland, Oregon boutique WM Goods promises a delightful shopping experience in an airy space boasting high ceilings, wood floors, and ample natural light, but for those who can’t make the visit in person, there’s the next best thing—the business’s shoppable Instagram. Thanks to, admirers from afar can shop an elegantly curated social feed that […]


Smart Tips For Small Businesses: Understanding Modern Consumers and Mobile Devices

It seems hard to believe that only five years ago, optimizing for mobile users was more of an added bonus rather than a requirement for small business owners. Now that the majority of searches are made on mobile devices, online retailers need to adjust their strategies to meet the needs of their customers. For many […]


Flash 4: Mardi Great/The Write Stuff/Moet Up/Nothin But a #

Our newest editorial blog feature offers you a bi-weekly look at some of the concepts/products/people/places moving the dialogues of design/tech/style/culture forward. A great way to prime your mind to explore over the weekend!


4 Ways to Make Your Flash Sale a Success

Daily deals and flash sales are proven to be effective marketing strategies with 56% of businesses seeing higher click-to-open rates on their flash sale emails compared to their yearly rate, according to a infographic. If you’re holding an online flash sale, here are some tips and tricks—and facts and figures—to keep in mind to […]