Soldsie Digest – How to Target Mobile Customers and Skincare Brand TATCHA on

From Soldsie Get smart about your small business. Here’s how to market to modern customers on mobile devices. Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Facebook debuts Latest Conversations, a Twitter-like feature that shows the latest public posts about trending topics from users all around the world. TechCrunch. Instagram upgrades its mobile website, allowing users to share […]


10 E-Commerce Tips For Marketing on Social Media

Social media is playing a bigger and bigger part in online shopping, so you need to make sure you’re there. However, writing for social media is different than writing for other platforms. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your account.


Snapchat’s going public, trends for 2017, and ArtNet joins!

From Soldsie Four latest examples of brands and influencers pushing the boundaries of online marketing. Soldsie Blog. Ecommerce trends to watch out for this year! Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Instagram Stories is attracting more and more Snapchat users. TechCrunch. Twitter recognizes it can do more to stop harassment and vows to start doing so. […]


2017 Is the Year to Sell Clothes Online, and Here Are 6 Reasons Why

If you’ve been paying attention to social media lately, you might have noticed that more and more people are selling online—from fashion-related items, general objects like kitchenware and office supplies, to even cars and electronics. E-commerce has been on a steep rise as technologies have evolved and made it easier for virtually anyone to set […]


Twitter’s Buzziest Topics, Maximizing Your Facebook Reach, and Pushing Marketing Boundaries

From Soldsie Take a look: Four examples of brands pushing the boundaries marketing online. Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Twitter unveils Moments, which lets you curate a series of tweets around an event. The new feature allows a showcase of “the very best of what’s happening on Twitter.” VentureBeat. Twitter releases its 10 buzziest global […]