The Benefits of Using the Customer Registration Link

As you may have seen, Instagram has been deleting some—though not all—comments that contain email addresses. The company has not released an official statement about the reasoning behind it, but we can assume that this is a policy change that will continue to effect Instagram comment sellers. We mentioned in a previous blog post, however, that we […]


Instagram Is Deleting Comments—We Have a Fix!

We have heard from several of our merchants that comments are disappearing from Instagram sale posts. We understand the gravity of the issue and would like to clarify that this is happening on the Instagram platform. We have reached out to Instagram’s service and will keep you updated with what we learn. In the meantime, […]


Facebook Doesn’t Cut Slack Any Slack, LinkedIn Keeps Your Job Search on the DL, and Tinker Crate Connects Kids to STEM Activities on

From Soldsie These 8 examples of successful Instagram ads will jog ideas for your brand. Soldsie Blog. Here are the 8 Instagram style stars you need to know to get your business ahead in the fashion world. Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Snapchat opens up new ad revenue possibilities with the story playlist feature. Digital […]


Twitter Adds Periscope to Profiles, What Presidential Debates Teach Social Media Strategists, and Khristian Brings Patterns to

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Soldsie Digest – How to Launch a Successful Facebook Group, Twitter Eases Up on the Character Count, and Azalia Boutique is a Top User

From Soldsie Top brands are releasing buy-now-wear-now fashion trends that you can make work for your social commerce business. Soldsie Blog. Guest blogger and girl boss Natalia Crawford helps you get your Facebook Group up and running, the right way! Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Twitter launched on Apple TV, Firefox, and XBox One this […]