Soldsie Digest – Welcoming Rolling Stone to, 5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Group

From Soldsie Retailers are increasingly moving sales into Facebook Groups. Here are 5 ways to promote your Facebook Group, get more members, and build your e-commerce business. Soldsie Blog. From the Networks Twitter launches “Connect” tab to suggest people to follow. The tab makes recommendations based on your location, who you follow, and major events […]


Soldsie Digest – Soldsie Holiday Gift Guide, Rent The Runway Joins Have2Have.It

From Soldsie Finding the right gifts for family and friends can be a challenge, but luckily, you’ve got Soldsie on your side. Check out 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Personality and check off your list! The best part is, these Soldsie vendors don’t even require you get off the couch. Soldsie Blog. From the […]


🎃 Soldsie Digest 👻 – This Graph Left Us Speechless 🙈🙊🙉

From Soldsie Leverage Facebook Ads to Succeed with Comment Selling.  We’ve spoken with Facebook advertising experts, run tests with stores, and learned best practices to crack the Facebook ads conundrum. Based on the results, it’s working.  The graph below shows a cohort of long time Facebook comment sellers and the trend in monthly sales we’re […]


Soldsie Digest – TechCrunch Joins Have2Have.It, Soldsie Facebook Ads Office Hours, Facebook Launches New Ad Units

From Soldsie Facebook Ads Office Hours. Are you a Soldsie comment seller on Facebook?  If so, join us for Office Hours this week on Thursday October 1, 2015 at 1PM PST.  This is an opportunity to ask our team about Facebook Ads and what strategies work best to increase revenue on your comment sales.   Come […]


Soldsie Digest – Facebook’s New Ad Format, Register for Our Joint Webinar, and Welcome LeSportsac!

Soldsie News There’s just a few days left to register for our joint webinar with Twenty20: Unlock Instagram as Your Best Marketing Channel.  Join us on Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 10AM PST. If you can’t make it…don’t worry. Just register and you will gain exclusive access to a recording of this great event.  Register […]