Flaunt Boutique Attributes 50% of Facebook Sales to Selling in Facebook Groups

Flaunt Boutique

When Laura and Autumn started Flaunt Boutique as college juniors in 2013, they wanted to provide their friends and family with a selection of high quality jewelry at affordable prices. Three years later, they have pumped up their inventory with clothing, shoes, and accessories, and serve tens of thousands of fans. In addition to their Facebook Page and Instagram, Flaunt Boutique now sells through a Facebook Group that makes up 50% of total Facebook sales. In fact, our new feature for selling in Facebook Groups allowed them to make $10,000 on a single post. Here’s how they made their new storefront a bona fide success!

Laura and Autumn conceived of their Facebook Group to combat the drawbacks of selling on Instagram and Facebook alone. On Instagram, they were limited by the absence of a newsfeed and a clear communication channel. On Facebook, they couldn’t ensure that their posts were being served to all their followers. A Facebook Page called for ad spending to boost posts, but in a Facebook Group, customers saw everything organically. It was the ideal place to post quick-sale items. 

And so, Flaunt Last Call was born. A few weeks ago, Laura and Autumn emailed their customers about the Facebook Group, where they could snatch up older inventory, receive promotion codes, and give feedback on market finds.

“Our customers will see everything and be notified of everything we post [in the group],” said Laura. “It’s also a better line of communication with customers because they are able to tag us directly if they have any questions.”

Currently, flash sale items and coupon codes hit Flaunt Last Call about three times a week, though the pace will pick up at the end of each season to clear out old inventory.

“We have seen really great success so far. It seems like anything we post on there sells out quickly,” says Laura. In fact, the Facebook Group has grown so popular that it now makes up 50% of all of Flaunt Boutique’s Facebook sales, with one post racking up $10,000 in sales.

Laura has advice for other sellers hoping to augment their sales with Facebook Groups. “I would suggest that the store has a clear vision of what they want their group to look like versus their current way of selling,” she said, adding that stores should clarify whether the group is becoming a main selling channel or just a place for deals. “That way the customer doesn’t get confused between the two.”

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