Have2Have.It Interruption Addressed – Updated

We have sincerely appreciated your patience as we resolved a domain outage with our hosting provider.  Good News: We’ve restored our permanent Have2Have.It domain and with it, your traditional duplicate IG pages at their original domains.

As a result, we request that you now replace the temporary “.co” domains we created earlier this week for use in your IG bio (example:, with your  traditional “.it” domain (example: Have2Have.It/nytimes). The temporary “.co” domains will remain functional, but we strongly advise that you now return to the conventional domain assigned to you for optimal service.

The mobile app will now be functional again, however it may be necessary (due both to our service interruption and the latest Ios update) for you to discard your current version and download the latest version of our app from the App Store.

We’re deeply sorry for the this “hiccup”, and have appreciated your continued use of our service throughout our team’s efforts to resolve the challenge.

Chris & the Soldsie Team