Influencer Marketing: The Psychology Behind It

When a person is unsure how to behave, particularly in a situation that is new to them, most often they will decide how to act by observing other people and then following their leads.

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That attention doesn’t fade instantly when it comes to promoting a brand or specific product. For example, if you’re talking to the respected CEO of your company and you notice that he happens to be using a Mac, then your opinion of Apple has just been swayed in a positive direction whether you realize it or not. You respect him, so you respect his choices, too.

By properly utilizing social media and identifying key influencers within your niche, it’s possible to get a huge amount of followers as well as gain visibility for your product or service.

What can influencers do?

A person with high influence has the ability to sway opinions by incorporating branding into their messaging in some way, shape, or form. Influencers are able to make an impact on a watcher or reader when he has his “advertising shield” down.

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One of the reasons why product placement in television and movies is so effective is that most watchers don’t realize they’re being advertised to. If they realized that it was advertising, they’d be more wary of their opinion shifting.

The same thing goes with these influencers. They just capture the person at a time where, in the past, he or she would not be able to be advertised in any way.

Why is influence marketing so persuasive?

We just covered the #1 reason why it’s so effective – because influencers are able to hit that sweet spot when the customer’s guard is down.

However, there is another reason why influencers  are effective – they have likeability going for them. One of the most important things to remember when trying to sell is that people buy from people they like. Does a car salesman come over to you and start shouting the features of each car at you? Nope – he tries to relate to you so that you feel better about buying from him and giving him a commission.

It’s the same thing with influencers. Using YouTube as an example, no one is going to subscribe to a YouTube channel that they hate. Most of the time, watchers have a general affinity for the YouTuber. If the YouTuber likes something, then it will translate to the watcher liking it because of the affinity.

That being said, it can have the opposite effect.

Watch out – subtle vs. blatant

Some people hate being advertised to when their guard is up. In fact, it can make them dislike the product that’s being advertised so much that they rag on it publicly.

That’s why it’s so important to choose how blatant your advertising will be. Are you going to have a YouTuber make an entire video around your product, or are you going to have him or her casually integrating your product within the video?

If it had to be summed up in one sentence, influencer marketing would be the following: A medium of advertising executed by having influential people promote a product in some way. Learn how Soldsie can help your brand connect with social media influencers today!

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