Introducing the Newest Update to

Today we launched the newest version of for brands.  In today’s update we’re excited to announce three new features:

  • The ability to add actual product images for tagged products.
  • The ability to display product titles and short descriptions in the feed.  
  • The ability for followers to select grid view.  

Here’s a closer look at the three new features:

    1. Product images for tagged products.  Now, when you add a product to a post, you have the option of uploading a product image so followers can now see the product instead of a small screenshot of the Instagram image.  Brands asked for this ability to better showcase the multiple products featured within a post.  Don’t want to add an image?  Don’t worry, as it’s just an optional feature.  If no image is uploaded, then the product name will be displayed to the customer.     

IMG_2525 IMG_2526

    1. Product titles and short descriptions in the feed. used to only be a feed of images.  Now with the newest update, you can toggle on short descriptions and product titles for followers to see.  To get your product titles and short descriptions to show on the feed, go to Settings and turn Images only to ”No.”  

IMG_2523 IMG_2524

  1. Grid view in the feed.  Followers viewing the feed can now toggle between single images and grid view to more easily discover content further down in the feed.   

We hope you enjoy these latest features.  We’ll be launching more new fun stuff in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.