Learn To “Work, Work, Work” IG Live Like Rihanna!

Good Girl Gone ‘Gram (LIVE):

Fast on the heels of “Stories”, Instagram’s “Live” feature is quickly becoming one of the most exciting ways for your brand to generate buzz while creating super engaging content. Never one to shy away from the cutting edge of trend, Rihanna took to “The ‘Gram” on Monday evening to host a viewing party of sorts for her Bates Mansion dramatic debut via the “Live” feature. What good timing: while previously, users weren’t able to save their streamed “Live” video, IG’s newest update has just changed the game big-time, allowing you to save your most recently completed live content! Learn how after the jump…

You should be using Instagram “Live” streams as a way to solicit realtime engagement with your audience of IG followers. Take them into your design studio, bakery’s kitchen, or salon to share the most exciting #BTS (behind the scenes) moments as they happen. Solicit questions, shoutout familiar faces as they tune in, and introduce members of your team to stimulate a robust dialogue. When you’re ready to wrap, sign off and don’t forget to SAVE SAVE SAVE your broadcast to your camera roll. It’s super easy, The “Live” feature will now conclude streams with a button in the screen’s upper-right corner offering you the option of saving your newly created content to your camera roll.

You can then upload this footage to your brand blog, Facebook page, or chop it into clips for your IG stories and traditional feed. The options are endless!

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-Kibwe Chase-Marshall, Community Manager