Outage Addressed: We’re Back Up and Running!

We’d like to extend our most sincere THANK YOU to our community of merchants and customers affected by the recent Facebook permissions update disabling much of our comment recognition activity.

Our engineers have been working steadfastly over the last three days to adjust our software to these most recent Facebook security updates. They report that comment recognition is back to normal and encourage our merchants to begin hosting sales again.

For those merchants that have accrued a substantial amount of comments during the service outage, our engineers invite you to submit a ticket through our support portal to have a retro-active comment scraping initiated.

In the “Message” section of the ticket portal, please state “I am a merchant that needs retro active ticket scraping from _(date/time) to _(date time) on this list of products (list items for which comments need to be scraped).”

You can submit your ticket at this page

We are truly appreciative our of or loyal Soldsie sellers and are committed to lending the support you need throughout this service challenge.

The Soldsie Support Team