6 Wedding Blogs Driving Web Traffic Through Instagram

It’s no secret that the ballooning wedding industry—estimated to be $60 billion in the US—is largely driven by the digital world. Now that the internet has become an indispensable tool in researching, planning, and executing a wedding, wedding blogs have become the great facilitators of taste and inspiration. And with so much competition, the biggest players need to be inventive about their digital strategies. Cue, which allows brands to steer their followers directly from Instagram to their websites. Below, we round up some of our favorite examples of wedding blogs who are using the tool to their greatest advantage. (more…)


Soldsie Digest – Interiors Trends to Sell on Social Now, Amp Your Facebook Ad ROI, and Amazon “Meal Preps”

From Soldsie

Home Suite Home: Are you selling home furnishings online? Don’t miss our round up of the 5 interior trends to sell on social media now! Soldsie Blog

What Goes Around…: Facebook ads can boost your biz (IF you max out on clever strategy). We’ll hip you to 9 ways to efficiently increase your ad ROI. Soldsie Blog

From the Networks

Facebook steals the show(s): The social media giant’s new programed content aims to compete with Youtube via collabs with major media players. Financial Times

Instagram “spaces out”: The image-sharing social media pioneer’s influence on interior design is most discernible in a new crop of casual dining venues. FAST COMPANY

From Everyone Else

Amazon “meal preps”: The ecom powerhouse is said to be developing a delivered convenience-culinary service that could revolutionize the way you “order in”. TechCrunch

Netflix’s newest nab:. The streaming powerhouse scores a homerun via inking a long term multi-project deal with Shonda Rhimes, producer of some of ABC’s top rated programing. Entertainment Weekly

Featured Store

@COYUCHI creates subtly luxurious, organic bed-and-bath linens that treat both people and the earth thoughtfully throughout the manufacturing process. It all begins with essential materials—cotton, linen, wool—organically milled to maintain their distinctive integrities before being woven into interiors goods that render houses homes. For that reason, color palettes remain decidedly neutral and calming, while textures mimic the divine rhythms of nature. Instagram showcases the assortment’s range beautifully, and makes shopping the products featured in your favorite images, a mere click away.

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9 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ad ROI

Buying a Facebook ad can seem intimidating—how do you ensure that your advertising dollars are going to good use? Luckily, Facebook assures us that marketers don’t get charged until their ads are seen, not just served. But the responsibility of crafting an ad that converts lies with you. Here, we outline the steps to success and making sure you get a healthy return on your investment. (more…)


5 Home Furnishings Trends to Sell on Social Now!

Like no generation previously, millennials are foregoing brick-and-mortar retailers for the ease of online shopping. It’s no surprise that they’ve moved beyond tricking out their wardrobes to outfitting their homes with up-to-the-minute interior accents that speak to their aesthetically explorative sensibilities. If you’re selling home furnishings on social media, this is no time to get left behind; we’ve curated the 5 trends you can bet on to captivate you followers and fly off your shelves now!


8 Surefire Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram leads the pack when it comes to social media engagement. TrackMaven, a marketing software company, reports that 12 out of 13 analyzed industries saw the highest engagement ratio on Instagram when compared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (the outlier was the real estate industry, which gets the highest traction on LinkedIn, according to real estate CRM developers FUB.).

That’s great news for most brands—it means that with consumers already primed to engage on the ‘Gram, a few well-placed strategies and initiatives can go a long way in terms of drumming up likes, comments, follows, and click-throughs. Here are the top ways to drum up meaningful engagement to help with selling on Instagram. (more…)