Portland Boutique WM Goods Dazzles With a Shoppable Instagram

A visit to Portland, Oregon boutique WM Goods promises a delightful shopping experience in an airy space boasting high ceilings, wood floors, and ample natural light, but for those who can’t make the visit in person, there’s the next best thing—the business’s shoppable Instagram. Thanks to, admirers from afar can shop an elegantly curated social feed that links each post to the items pictured.

The woman behind it all is Whitney Goodman, founder and owner of WM Goods. We sent over a few questions to learn about her vision for the business and how to best represent it on social media. (more…)


Ad Sponsored Content Makes its Way Around, New Currencies are Blowing up, and @ifimade Helps Us Get Married on

From Soldsie

Here today and gone tomorrow. What Instagram’s #archive feature means for you. Soldsie Blog.

From the Networks

Facebook wants to go the way of Amazon and Hulu with Ad Sponsored Original Content. Business Insider.

Snapchat will also be delving deeper into original content with a 100 million dollar investment by Time Warner. TechCrunch.

Facebook Messenger now allows you to build Spotify playlists. Venture Beat.

From Everyone Else

Amazon acquired Whole Foods. What will the effects on ecommerce be? Recode.

CryptoCurrency looks like it might be future. Should banks start offering encrypted wallets? VentureBeat.

Just for fun: Three ways to fold in user generated content as apart of your marketing strategy. Social Media Today.

Featured Store
@ifimade is the brainchild of Emily Newman, founder of the hugely popular wedding blog Once Wed, who realized that her audience included creative professionals looking to refine their brands and build their businesses. She created @ifimade to as a rich online resource for the wedding community, offering classes in photography, floral design, styling, and business. Today, her 11.7K Instagram followers find sneak peeks of exclusive courses and the experts behind them—and makes each post shoppable.

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Soldsie Digest – Instagram’s New Archive Feature and Amazon Goes Gourmet w/ Whole Foods Acquisition

From Soldsie

Disappearing Act: Instagram’s newest feature allows removal and restoration of individual posts w/out losing likes and comments! Selling on social? You’ll love it! Soldsie Blog

From the Networks

Facebook tunes in. The social media giant takes bold steps toward streaming TV-style content. New York Mag

Instagram comes clean. The image-sharing social media pioneer institutes new promoted content guidelines. Teen VOGUE

Twitter’s new togs. The short-from social media platform debuts a new desktop and accompanying new emojis. Bustle

From Everyone Else

Amazon goes gourmet. The ecom powerhouse bids to buy Whole Foods and change the groceries industry immeasurably in the process. The Washington Post

Google gets “objective”. The digital omni-brand releases dynamic new object recognition software with the potential to enhance a host of apps. THE VERGE

Apple a day…The tech frontrunner quietly develops mobile medical record access concept. CNBC

Featured Store

@whistlecandy might be based in the UK, but their brand is confidently international in appeal and aesthetic. They’re assembling today’s hottest trends and giving you the styling cues you need to pull them off effortlessly. Their worldwide shipping option is perfectly catered to the global citizen and their Instagram feed will keep you up on their newest arrivals. What’s even better is that they are using to make the images on their IG account shoppable via a click! Ready to get to shopping? Bon Voyage!

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Magically Make Posts Disappear and Reappear w/ Archive

Instagram feeds began as “post-it-all” photo journals during the platform’s early days, but for some users the old “more is more” strategy just isn’t cutting it in 2017; these savvy curators are stripping down their profiles to just the most essential of images and videos. They’re also swapping in and out posts to keep this tightly curated collection refreshed. Lucky for them, IG has just introd a new feature that’ll cut down on a ton of the work involved in these efforts. Meet the #archive option.



10 Tools to Develop a Successful E-commerce Business

The e-commerce industry is pretty popular nowadays, as 51% of US citizens prefer to shop online. According to the same case study performed by BigCommerce, the e-commerce industry is growing by 23% year after year. The online orders keep increasing and don’t show any signs of stopping soon.

Of course, not every entrepreneur or small businessmen will reach stratospheric success. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t build an e-commerce empire and start making millions of dollars each year. There are plenty of successful e-commerce platforms examples to take some inspiration from.

If you’re in the e-commerce industry and you’re looking to improve your performance, here are two guidelines you should take into account:

  1. You need to have an excellent marketing strategy
  2. You need to leverage excellent digital marketing tools in order to improve your efficiency

The first guideline is something that every entrepreneur needs to think of when starting a business. The second one—well, even though it’s a powerful guideline, many marketers tend to ignore it.

Business tools are meant to automate and simplify our daily tasks. If we’re ignorant and stubborn, we’ll never improve our efficiency and productivity. The best way to create more results is to organize your time and activities properly.

During today’s post, we’re going to take a quick peek at some of the most important tools that successful e-commerce marketers use in order to improve their platforms: (more…)