Stop Posting To Instagram And Hire Someone To Do It For You

Instagram has proven to be the fastest growing platform for our sellers using Soldsie, but there’s no way to automate posting to the platform. This means you have to physically create and post to Instagram via the native app on mobile which can be very time consuming. Recently we did a study on the correlation between increased posting and revenue growth from Instagram which means your business should be posting consistently 3 to 9 times a day on the platform.

We recognize you may not have the time or resources to post or hire someone to do it for you. So to make it easier for you, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. Introducing your new virtual employee from CloudPeeps! We put out a job posting and received over 30 applications and these are the 5 best peeps we found. To hire them, you simply have to click on their profiles below or email for help. Also, receive a one time $50 credit towards your first hire if you use code: Soldsie-communityfun via email to their billing department. All of the prices quoted are for 3 posts a day.



7 Habits of Highly Effective Instagram Sellers

Growing rapidly from its inception in 2010, Instagram has become an indispensable part of our online lives. The platform has helped friends keep in touch internationally, regular users find celebrity, and photojournalism thrive. Business owners and brands, too, have used the power of visual storytelling to reach customers–and now, they can sell directly to them as well.

Standing out on Instagram can be a challenge, however. Below, we showcase some of the companies who are selling on Instagram using Soldsie’s, and what strategies they use to turn Instagram into a robust source of revenue.



Introducing the Newest Update to

Today we launched the newest version of for brands.  In today’s update we’re excited to announce three new features:

  • The ability to add actual product images for tagged products.
  • The ability to display product titles and short descriptions in the feed.  
  • The ability for followers to select grid view.  

Here’s a closer look at the three new features:

    1. Product images for tagged products.  Now, when you add a product to a post, you have the option of uploading a product image so followers can now see the product instead of a small screenshot of the Instagram image.  Brands asked for this ability to better showcase the multiple products featured within a post.  Don’t want to add an image?  Don’t worry, as it’s just an optional feature.  If no image is uploaded, then the product name will be displayed to the customer.     


    1. Product titles and short descriptions in the feed. used to only be a feed of images.  Now with the newest update, you can toggle on short descriptions and product titles for followers to see.  To get your product titles and short descriptions to show on the feed, go to Settings and turn Images only to ”No.”  

  1. Grid view in the feed.  Followers viewing the feed can now toggle between single images and grid view to more easily discover content further down in the feed.   

We hope you enjoy these latest features.  We’ll be launching more new fun stuff in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.   


Soldsie Digest – Facebook’s New Ad Format, Register for Our Joint Webinar, and Welcome LeSportsac!

Soldsie News

There’s just a few days left to register for our joint webinar with Twenty20: Unlock Instagram as Your Best Marketing Channel.  Join us on Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 10AM PST. If you can’t make it…don’t worry. Just register and you will gain exclusive access to a recording of this great event.  Register now to secure your seat!

From the Social Network

Snapchat is expected to exceed 6 million views a day by 2016.  That’s just 3 months away! telapost.

Facebook releases a new ad format that will bring more value to advertisers on the platform.  No more paying for partially shown ads in the news feed. internetRETAILER.

Twitter partners with Bloomberg to to improve financial alerts.  Follow @TheTerminal on Twitter to see this in action.  SocialTimes

From Everyone Else

Instagram Ads. Learn about the 5 best practices on running effective Instagram ads. Business2Community.

Topshop + Pinterest. Topshop partners with Pinterest to provide their customers with a customized color palette of products suggested from pins on a board.  Social Songbird.

Influential Instagram Influencers. Interested in who is the best of the best?  Meet 6 of Instagram’s biggest social Influencers. Soldsie.

Soldsie Featured Store

We are excited to welcome LeSportsac to the Soldsie family! LeSportsac is an American lifestyle brand that specializes in casual nylon bags. Founded in 1974 in New York, LeSportsac sells some of the hottest handbags, travel totes, messenger bags, backpacks and accessories.  They have even partnered with creative forces such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Disney, and Stella McCartney. We can’t get enough of their new Peanuts x LeSportsac collection!

Follow their Instagram page here. View their LeSportsac page here!

This issue was curated by Chris Bennett and the team at Soldsie. Learn more about our social commerce tools onSoldsie.

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If you have anything to submit or would like to be featured please email us at .


Meet 6 of Instagram’s Biggest Social Influencers

With the rise and reign of social media has come the democratization of influence. While pop stars and athletes still dictate much of what we buy, brands are now reaching out to extraordinary social media users to connect with audiences in a more intimate way.

Below, we show you the faces of some of Instagram’s biggest stars, and how their personal brand has positioned them to be spokespeople for others. (more…)

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