How Jenny Boston Grew Sales 617% in One Month Using Comment Selling and Facebook Ads

Today, several successful Soldsie businesses are seeing significant growth in their Facebook stores due to recent changes in their strategy–most importantly, they are spending money on Facebook ads.

One business, Jenny Boston, has been kind enough to share some things they’ve learned on their journey to success with Facebook ads.

About Jenny Boston

Jenny Boston has been using Soldsie’s comment selling product for over 3 years and is consistently one of our highest grossing stores – which makes their success even more incredible. It’s run by Kristin Maynard and Jenny DeMaria in Westborough, MA, right outside of Boston. The women focus on affordable, trendy women’s clothing in the $30 price range. Up until last month, they primarily sold on Facebook without spending any money on Facebook Ads, but once they did, sales boomed.

Note: Jenny Boston’s monthly sales over the past three years. See that spike? X axis removed out of respect to the Jenny Boston team. (more…)


Soldsie Digest – Welcome GoJane, Register For Our Webinar, and Instagram Video Ads

Soldsie News

If you haven’t already, register for our joint webinar with Twenty20: Unlock Instagram as Your Best Marketing Channel.  Join us on Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 10AM PST.  If you can’t make it, please register to gain access to a recording after it happens!  Register now to secure your seat!

From the Social Networks

Facebook is expanding Facebook Live and Mentions, its live video sharing app, to anyone with a verified profile. Facebook Blog.

Periscope just launched a way for everyone to record videos in landscape and share on Facebook! Periscope Blog on Medium.

Facebook Messenger is now available on Apple Watch. Facebook Post.

Twitter launched a cool feature where people in Indonesia can buy data, minutes, and SMS packages via DM. VentureBeat

From Everyone Else

Instagram Ads. Instagram is testing 30 second video ads with large brands. Adweek.

Youtube SEO. Here is a great guide on a subject you don’t see often, Youtube SEO. Seeing how Youtube is the second largest social network globally, is owned by the largest global search engine, and has indexible content, it can play a large role in boosting your brand on search. Business2Community.

Influencer Marketing Tips. This is a great compilation of tips from social marketers on best practices they’ve garnered working with influencers. Our favorite is “Don’t Ignore Influencers with Small Audiences.” Socially Stacked.

E-Commerce continues to shine. Macy’s may close 40 stores as it shifts its efforts to e-commerce. Internet Retailer.

Featured Store

We are excited to welcome GoJane to the Soldsie family! GoJane is part of the Aeropostale family and are an online retailer of fashion forward apparel for progressive young women.  Since 1999, they’ve been devoted to elevating style and self-perception while keeping it fun and inclusive of all trends.

GoJane has over 136,000 followers on Instagram.  Follow their inspiring and chic page here. View their GoJane Have2Have.It page here.

This issue was curated by Chris Bennett and the team at Soldsie. Learn more about our social commerce tools on Soldsie.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Facebook is still the top dog when it comes to social media marketing. With 1.39 billion active monthly users ready and willing to share anything that comes across their feed, Facebook is a marketer’s dream come true. Never before has it been so easy to build an audience for your brand and interact with customers.

But it’s not always that simple. Even if you’re sharing content that connects with your audience, it can be difficult to turn those fans into paying customers. All the “likes” and comments in the world won’t help keep the lights on. At the end of the day, the goal of Facebook marketing is the same as any other form of marketing: to increase sales.

If you’re having a difficult time turning fans into customers, it may be time to evaluate the type of content you share with your fans. It’s possible that you could be self-promoting too much and causing fans to tune you out. It could be that you’re sharing content that gets likes and comments, but has nothing to do with your brand. It could be any number of things, but what is clear is that the content you’re sharing isn’t conducive to making sales.

If that sounds like you, it’s okay. Turning Facebook fans into paying customers isn’t a far-fetched goal, and below you’ll find five strategies that will help turn fans into customers.



Soldsie Digest – Register for Our Joint Webinar, Meerkat Hashtags, and Snapchat Reaches 4 Billion Daily Views

From Soldsie

We’re excited to announce our upcoming joint webinar with Twenty20: Unlock Instagram as Your Best Marketing Channel.  Our teams will be going over strategies on how brands can grow and monetize their Instagram accounts. Join us on Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 10AM PST. Register now to secure your seat!

From the Networks

Meerkat just released hashtags! Medium.

From Everyone Else

Facebook Groups. A number of comment sellers have told us they are testing Facebook groups for selling. Here are some great tips on other ways to use Facebook Groups. Social Business Today

Linkedin Messenger.  Here is some insight on where Linkedin messenger may be going. Business 2 Community.

Snapchat Video. Views are not created equal on Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube in terms of the number of seconds needed to be counted as a view.  Snapchat, however, just crossed 4 billion video views daily which will attract advertisers no matter how you measure it. Variety.

Featured Store

This week we are excited to feature Jenny Boston. Jenny Boston was started in 2004 by Jenny DeMaria and Kristen Maynard in Westborough, Massachusetts. They sell through five brick and mortar locations, their website, and comment selling on Facebook and Instagram. Jenny Boston sells contemporary women’s fashion focused on clothing and accessories at great price points!

Jenny Boston is a big advocate and user of Facebook ads to drive social commerce.  In the coming days, we will be sharing some of the strategies they’ve used with Facebook ads to drive sales.  You can see their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

This issue was curated by Chris Bennett and the team at Soldsie. Learn more about our social commerce tools on Soldsie.

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Soldsie Weekly Digest – 🏈 Troy Polamalu Influencer Sale, #InstaFashionWeek, and WhatsApp Exceeds 900M Users

Soldsie News

Accessory and clothing brands–heads up! On September 8th we’re launching #InstaFashionWeek––from Tuesday to Sunday, we’ll highlight the hottest Instagram fashion and ask Instagram fashionistas to do the same. We invite you to get a jump start on the competition and send us your best fashion photos ASAP via direct message to our account.

From Social Networks

Tumblr has finally redesigned their reblog captions so now they are decipherable. Tumblr Blog.

WhatsApp now has 900 million users! Facebook Post.

Instagram direct messages now have threaded comments. Instagram Blog.

From Everyone Else

Instagram. Here is a great infographic about how the biggest brands are using Instagram. Kissmetrics.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Monetization. Facebook is using Facebook Messenger as a testbed for monetization efforts for WhatsApp. The Information.

New Facebook Ad Unit. Facebook is testing a new type of “Immersive” mobile ad unit. Social Media Today.

Social Networks Market Share. Facebook and YouTube make up ~65% of the social network market share. See where your favorite networks rank on this list of social networks by market share. Dreamgrow.

Snapchat Followers. Here is a great guide from a major Snapchat Influencer on best practices to build your Snapchat following. Medium.

Featured Store

This week, with football season right around the corner, we are excited to feature a Total Sports Enterprise Influencer campaign with former Pittsburgh Steeler star Troy Polamalu.  The TSE team partners with athletes like Troy to promote their products. Their Influencer sales generate a lot of revenue and are very successful!  TSE is using our comment selling product to run them.

Troy’s Influencer campaign is currently live and you see the campaign currently running here on Facebook and here on Instagram.

You can learn more about the Influencer program here on our pricing page.  If you are already using our comment selling product, you can learn how to run one here on this page.


This issue was curated by Chris Bennett and the team at Soldsie. Learn more about our social commerce tools on Soldsie.

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