Last Week’s Office Hours: Facebook Ads–Don’t Make These Two Mistakes

I’ve been coaching businesses on how to increase their sales with Facebook ads for the past two years and I’ve noticed that businesses who start with Facebook ads, exhibit a lot of the same mistakes at first.  This became really clear to me after our Office Hours session last Wednesday. I figured it would be helpful for the Soldsie community to get a brief recap the learnings from the latest office hours and also a highlight of the best practices I shared.

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Introducing: Advanced Analytics for

We just launched our beta version of Advanced Analytics on the Overview tab of the dashboard. We’re excited to introduce four new ways to analyze how your followers are interacting with your feed.

1. Clicks by Weekday
See what days you’re getting the most clicks. This information can tell you when your highest impact day of the week is.

2. Clicks by Hour
See what time your of day your followers are most engaged.  Use this data to post at optimal times during the day.

3. Clicks by Product
See your most popular products and how many clicks they received.

4. New Vs. Returning Visits
See how much new vs returning traffic is visiting your feed from Instagram.

Use these advanced analytics to help make strategic social decisions.  Have feedback? Tweet us @soldsie or email .


Soldsie Digest – Big Announcements From Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, Welcome Pressed Juicery to Have2Have.It!

Wow, it’s been a busy week!

From the Networks

Facebook is changing up user profiles. Users will now be able to create 7 second looping GIF’s! Facebook Blog.

Facebook Messenger is in the early stage of testing ads but they are far from launching it. Social Times.

Snapchat is going to launch sponsored selfies. Financial Times.

Twitter has officially launched its Buy Button. Twitter Blog.

Twitter is working on a expanding tweets beyond 140 characters! Re/code.

Instagram ads are now available worldwide. Facebook for Business Blog.

From Everyone Else

Google Analytics for ecommerce. Here is a great article about the issues you may encounter using Google Analytics for your e-commerce company. Marketing Land.

Who to follow on Periscope. Here is a great list of “Periscopers” to follow to keep up with the latest trends on Periscope. SumAll Blog.

Youtube is preparing for a subscription service. Re/code.

Pinterest Ads. Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, talks up Promoted Pins at Ad Week: their opt-out rate is lower than the industry’s average. MarketingLand.

Featured Business

We are excited to welcome Pressed Juicery to the Soldsie family! We first became aware of them when a number of Soldsie employees used them for a juice cleanse, and now they are using Have2Have.It to send their 137,000 fans from Instagram to their website.

Carly de Castro, Hayden Slater, and Hedi Gores started Pressed Juicery in the summer of 2010. It was created with the goal of bringing, delicious, premium, nutritious juice to everyone and they’ve done an amazing job with it!

This issue was curated by Chris Bennett and the team at Soldsie. Learn more about our social commerce tools on Soldsie.

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How the Biggest Instagram Stars Are Generating Revenue

Have you ever wondered how the biggest non-brand Instagram accounts make money? Some of the ways might surprise you – when you get this big, you have the opportunity to do unconventional things that people with smaller audiences can’t.

Here are some of the largest social influencers on Instagram, along with a brief breakdown on how they monetize their accounts and how you can apply these lessons to your brand.



How to Encourage Fan Engagement on Instagram

In September, Instagram passed 400 million active users. While this may not compare to Facebook’s 1.5 billion active users, it should be heartening to brands considering that Instagram is the clear leader in consumer engagement. Part of that is due to the fact that, unlike Facebook, there is no algorithm that controls what posts get seen.

In fact, a social analytics company named Shareablee found that consumer actions for US brand pages on Instagram rose by 108% in one year; in comparison, they jumped 32% on Twitter and 27% on Facebook.

If you’re not seeing significant growth in likes, comments, and follows, however, we have some tips to get your Instagram off the ground!