Portland Boutique WM Goods Dazzles With a Shoppable Instagram

A visit to Portland, Oregon boutique WM Goods promises a delightful shopping experience in an airy space boasting high ceilings, wood floors, and ample natural light, but for those who can’t make the visit in person, there’s the next best thing—the business’s shoppable Instagram. Thanks to, admirers from afar can shop an elegantly curated social feed that links each post to the items pictured.

The woman behind it all is Whitney Goodman, founder and owner of WM Goods. We sent over a few questions to learn about her vision for the business and how to best represent it on social media.

What’s your store’s mission statement?

Our goal is to bring both new, independent designers as well as brands that we feel are approaching fashion in a responsible and inspiring way to the Portland community and beyond.

What does your role entail at WM Goods?

I wear a lot of hats as we are a small team, so every day is different, but can include communicating with our vendors, paying bills, creating our social media content, working to develop partnerships, planning events, etc.

What’s your strategy and approach to Instagram?

I try to post content every day with a range of themes—sometimes it’s a close up of a product we carry; sometimes it’s more of an inspirational image; sometimes it’s of the staff trying on new pieces. I always strive to create a consistent visual aesthetic but with variation in images so that it keeps things fresh and interesting.

How did you learn about

I started to see on all of the Instagrams of the bloggers I follow and thought it would be worth looking into.

Have you learned anything from using it?

I love the overview dashboard! It’s really interesting to see what images and products resonate with our followers more than others. I’ve learned that we get more clicks when our images are less lifestyle focused and instead are just straight up photos of our products.

What’s your advice for other small business owners who want to up their Instagram game?

My biggest piece of advice would be to partner with likeminded companies and ask that they tag you in any relevant photos so that you have the chance to reach a new audience. Also, post consistently and tag any of your brands that are featured in your photos—hopefully they will repost your images and credit you!

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