Resetting Instagram Permissions for

Recent updates to the manner in which Instagram accounts grant permission to third party apps have resulted in some service interruptions for users. If you’ve been affected, have no fear: follow this easy step-by-step guide in order to getting back up-and-running with!

You will need access to a laptop or desktop computer in order to effectively utilize these instructions (mobile devices will unfortunately not work for this purpose).

1. Log into the Instagram account associated with your service.
2. Next to your Instagram account name, hit the “Edit Profile” button.
3. Click “Authorized Applications”
4. Click “Revoke Access” for and select “Yes”
5. Log into your account.
6. Click “Manage” and select “Add Post”.
7. A pop up will appear saying,
“Uh oh! It looks like we no longer have access to your Instagram account”. Click “OK” and you will be prompted to connect again via redirection to your Instagram authorization page.
8. When redirected, click “Authorize”.
9. Click “Manage” and “Add Post” in your account. Your Instagram feed should now populate with pictures you haven’t added along with your other Instagram features!

In the event that you still experiences challenges upon following these instructions, we invite you to contact our support desk.