How to Sell Your Products With Facebook Videos

Selling your products with the help of a social media platform like Facebook can really help to drive revenue. An incredible 1.28 billion people log in to Facebook every day. That’s a lot of prospective customers you can market and sell your products to.

The explosion in popularity of video content is also well documented. In fact, 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day. Videos offer easily consumed content that can really engage your potential customers and start them on a journey towards a sale.

So Facebook videos are important. But how to go about creating them? You can create your own videos using nothing more than a smartphone or, if you’re not confident of your video making credentials, recruit a professional to do it for you. Bear in mind that social media users are primarily on social media to communicate rather than be advertised to, so a less polished, sales-y video might not be the end of the world.

However you choose to develop your video content, here are some top tips to consider along the way:

Keep it Snappy

According to Kissmetrics, videos under 30 seconds get the highest view rates and are more likely to be viewed to completion. Fitting your message into such a short space of time can prove a challenge. Get a clear idea of what you want to say and play around with making it as succinct as possible. Also remember that you don’t have to say everything in the one video. Make another video to show off another feature or benefit of your product or service.

Think About Your Thumbnail

The image that appears to viewers before they click play on your video can have a huge impact on whether their interest is piqued or they just scroll past. Test out different images and then stick with the one that generates the most shares and likes. A clear image including a real person is usually a safe bet.

Include Subtitles

Over half of all Facebook videos are watched without sound. When we’re on a busy commuter train, sitting around with the family, or supposed to be watching the other half’s favorite movie, we don’t want to publicize what we’re watching by having the volume up on our smartphones. Creating content with this fact in mind can improve the effectiveness of your videos and the engagement viewers have with them.

Go Mobile

The majority of internet searches and Facebook video views now take place on mobile devices. This means any videos you post to the social media platform need to be optimized for mobile. Shorter taglines, striking images, and links to mobile landing pages should all be part of your mobile marketing plan.


Using Facebook, you can retarget your video viewers to create a chain of related videos for them. This means you can develop a customer video journey, each stage pushing viewers that step closer to a sale. If you’re paying for video ads, you can also customize your audience for each video you create based on audience demographics and even how long they watched a previous video for.

Embrace Live Streaming

Live streaming is a relatively new way to share video with your customers. It has an immediacy and an authenticity that appeals, particularly to younger consumers. You can share a sneak peek of new stock, reveal life behind the scenes in the office, or provide a live snippet of a big brand event.

Facebook video has never been more important for business. Create engaging videos and get them online to best showcase and sell your products.

Jodi Boley is a passionate writer gaining experience in the field of marketing. With a background in sales and marketing, Jodi likes to cover topics related to digital marketing and careers.