The Zig Zag Stripe Sells in Facebook Groups to Reach $6M in Sales


Leslie Hall launched her women’s fashion brand The Zig Zag Stripe in April 2013. From a 10 by 10 home office, Leslie has now expanded her business to a wholesale department that ships to stores nationwide, a retail space, and online storefronts on the website and Facebook. In July 2015, The Zig Zag Stripe began selling through Facebook via their Facebook Group as well, helping the business reach over $6 million in sales.

The Facebook Group, which boasts over 35,000 members at the time of writing, was a direct answer to the boutique’s diminishing views, comments, and likes on the Facebook Page. Because organic reach shrank so dramatically, fans were missing posts about new arrivals and sales.

“After doing some research, we realized that we’d have the reach we needed if we could get our followers to join our group,” said Leslie. “And man, am I glad I did!” The Facebook Group would not only ensure that each post would be served to fans, but also that there continued to be a robust community of engaged and loyal fans.

Leslie got the word out to her customers through email newsletters, text lists, and sponsored ads on Facebook. She encouraged Group members to add their fans and ran giveaways to incentivize joining. She notes how easy it is for fans to find and purchase items through the Group.

“In this day and age, people are lazy!” she said. “They don’t want to click multiple links to purchase something. The ease of staying within Facebook makes it more convenient for customers for sure. We live in a busy, fast paced world and anyone who can save a few minutes will.”

Today, The Zig Zag Stripe stays active on the Facebook Page, but runs most sales through the Facebook Group, where members are extremely active. New arrivals are posted every evening, and surprise flash sales move clearance inventory. In the first 10 days of February, the boutique handled over $6,000 in paid invoices.

Leslie has advice for retailers who want to move their sales to a Facebook Group. “One of the most important things is to be present!” she shared. “I’m the owner and I am on the group commenting, posting, and answering questions every day. It helps create rapport with your members; you want them to trust you and believe in your business. Let them be a part of it!” A team of five Group admins also monitors the page to keep things active and hold members to guidelines.

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