Twitter Offers Inventive Promotional Plan, Facebook Has a Bunch of New Things Happening, and @shoesofnyc Walks Into

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Learn about using Facebook videos to better sell your products! Soldsie Blog.

From the Networks

Twitter tests a promotion program that allows users to pay a flat fee of $99 to have their account and tweets automatically promoted every month. Social Media Today.

Facebook now allows you to share your Stories publicly if you allow public followers. TechCrunch.

Facebook buys Ozlo, a small AI startup, signaling a better visual assistant in the future. Business Insider.

Facebook is reportedly working on a video chat device with a laptop-sized touchscreen. Bloomberg.

From Everyone Else

Pinterest positions itself as a search company by placing the feature front and center. Business Insider.

Shopify crosses the 500,000 merchants mark according to the company’s fiscal Q2 2017 report. TechCrunch.

VSCO, a popular photo editing app for photographers and Instagrammers, moves into the video editing category with a new tool that supports all iOS video formats. TechCrunch.

Featured Store

You may know Humans of New York, but have you seen @shoesofnyc? Like the popular blog, SO/NYC—co-founded by blogger and @lulufrost marketing director Lexi Cross—pairs photos of outstanding footwear found on the streets of New York alongside quotes from the owners. The result is a captivating portrait of the city’s diversity and what shoes signify about us. Best of all, the feed is shoppable through, so you won’t be left hanging if you spy the shoes of your dreams.

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