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Nylon Magazine (Have2Have.It on Instagram)

“Being able to understand referrals from specific images on Instagram has allowed us to tweak and refine the type of social promotions we do. We can also drive traffic to specific articles and videos that would otherwise get lost in the mix.
Nylon Magazine, Nylon Magazine (Have2Have.It on Instagram)

How Nylon Magazine uses to Drive Traffic and Sales from Instagram to their Shopify website

Have2Have.It Page
Instagram Page
Their Website

Nylon Magazine, a publisher and e-commerce vendor based in New York City, knows the power of Instagram. To date, they’ve built a following of 717,000. Like many Shopify users, Nylon Magazine continues to see more and more referral traffic from Instagram, a platform that has become a core part of their commerce strategy.

Nylon Magazine’s followers were confused and frustrated when it came to shopping on the Nylon Instagram page. Customers would commonly comment “how do i buy this?” They were then directed to the Nylon Magazine website, but having to navigate the site to locate the product they wanted led to lots of drop off. Sound familiar?

Well, that problem was solved when Nylon Magazine discovered Have2Have.It.

Have2Have.It allows Nylon Magazine to use the profile link on their Instagram pageto allow customers to easily discover their products. Now, Nylon Magazine’s customers simply find the Instagram picture they are looking for on the feed, click on the product they want to buy, and then proceed directly to the Shopify product page to checkout. This process is especially great for mobile commerce, a large driver of sales for Nylon Magazine.

The Nylon Magazine team loves Have2Have.It because it’s so easy to use. Images uploaded to Instagram automatically show up in their Have2Have.It dashboard. There, they are able to tag products and link to specific Shopify pages so that their customers can shop the images from the Have2Have.It link in their Instagram profile with ease.

Along with being easy to use, has delivered amazing results. Nylon Magazine has seen close to 9,270 visits to their website, and each visitor has clicked an average of 5 times per visit. The average time a Have2Have.It customer spends on Nylon Magazine’s page is 2 minutes and 37 seconds–33% longer than the average user!

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