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Already running Facebook Auctions or Ready to Ship (RTS) Sales? Soldsie is for you. The only solution built for Facebook Auctions and RTS sales.

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“Using Soldsie is like adding 4 people to my team. I've cut down time spent on invoicing and reminder customers to pay by 99%, and I still sell out of everything.”
Ashley White Polkadot Alley
“Customers not having to leave their emails in the comments is huge for them! Our customers were getting spammed from other sites and businesses.”
Janey Steward Accessory Auctions
“Selling on Facebook has created a wonderful sense of community for my customers.”
Ashley Jernigan Southern Tots

Sell Out Completely, Without Overselling

  • Manage your inventory and product list right from Facebook for your Facebook Store.
  • Accept pre-authorized payments so that late-payers and cancelled orders won’t hold up your inventory.

Leave the Posting, Invoicing and Payment Reminders to Us

  • Real-time, automatically-issued invoices make sure every comment gets an invoice as they're made.
  • Schedule reminder emails to get more payments.
  • Schedule your auctions ahead of time — anytime — from anywhere.

Shopper-Friendly Features Help to Grow Your Business and Establish Your Brand

  • Create and manage coupon codes.
  • Accept credit card payments.
  • Customers don't have to leave their email addresses in the comments — it protects their privacy.
  • Customers can select add-ons at checkout.

Additional Features for Comment Settings

Customers can still check out with PayPal.

Comment filtering helps your customer service.

Customers are automatically notified when items are shipped.

Simple Pricing

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