Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get paid?

    Your customers will pay you directly through PayPal or Stripe (credit cards).  Both of these platforms will deposit funds into your bank account at a schedule you set up.

  • How do my customers pay?

    Customers can checkout with PayPal or credit card.

    We use the credit card platform Stripe. You can create an account in your Soldsie Settings. Stripe and PayPal both charge the same transaction fee: 2.9% +$0.30. Learn more here

  • How much does Soldsie cost?

    Please contact us to discuss our very affordable pricing.


  • What happens if there is a problem?

    Soldsie is not responsible for issues between retailers and clients. Please contact one another directly if you have any problems.

What's Soldsie?

  • What is Soldsie?

    You put a lot of time, effort (and money) into building a Facebook and Instagram following, but having those likes convert into sales – well, that hasn’t really happened yet. Soldsie allows you to offer products to your fans directly in their Facebook and Instagram news feeds, to reach them where they already are.

    See it in action:

    Post a photo of your product to your page through our app. Your customers connect with your page then comment “sold” on the photo generating an invoice they can pay without ever leaving Facebook (or via email with Instagram)!

    Soldsie is revolutionizing selling on Social. It’s easy and fun for shoppers and profitable for stores. Soldsie improves Facebook engagement, increases customer growth and generates a new channel of sales.

  • What is Comment Selling?

    Comment Selling is a new way of selling on social. Post a photo and description of an item and your customers comment “sold” to purchase. It is social, fun and natural for shoppers. Comment Selling can improve the health (engagement) of your Facebook page and help you grow through the viral nature of comments.

    Comment Selling has a much higher conversion rate than linking to a website, and a 30% less rate of cart abandonment than traditional e-commerce.

  • I already have a website, why should I use Soldsie?

    Soldsie can work hand in hand with your existing website. Offering pre-releases, exclusive products/bundles, or clearance items through Soldsie are all great ways to use Soldsie with your existing website.

    If you don’t yet have a website, selling directly on Facebook can be cheaper and easier to maintain, a website can always be added later. Some of our stores have a website while others do not. Many of our sellers make more much much more through Facebook than they do on their Websites.

  • I post links to my website on my Facebook page, why should I use Soldsie?

    Facebook users want to be on Facebook, they do not like to follow links outside of Facebook (especially on mobile devices). Posting links to a retail site has a painfully low conversion rate industry wide. Many times these posts will be full of comments such as “I need this!” or “How do I get this?” but most of these fans never purchase the item.

    Allowing the entire transaction to take place within Facebook, with native Facebook behaviors (commenting on photos), removes barriers to completion. Comment Selling has a much higher conversion rate than linking to a website, and a 30% less rate of cart abandonment than traditional e-commerce.

    Additionally, comment selling improves your page engagement which can improve your reach to your current fans and since comments are viral they allow new potential shoppers to discover your page.

  • What kind of store can use Soldsie?

    Anyone with a Facebook Business Page, a strong active fan base, and some good products to sell can use Soldsie!

    Soldsie works best for Facebook pages that are at least 1000 likes and have fans that are active and engaged. Ideally a Talking About This number of 5-10% of your likes – i.e. a 1000 like page should aim to have a Talking About This number above 50. If you have a strong newsletter or other channel for reaching your customers, you can use that channel to drive sales and thus your engagement.

    Products that are exclusive/hard to find, great deals or impulse buys (less than $50) work best when selling socially