Frequently Asked Questions

Selling on Facebook

  • Can I use Soldsie on my personal Facebook page?

    Soldsie currently only works on Facebook Business pages.  Sorry!

  • How do my customers sign up? What do they need to fill out?

    Your Facebook fans will need to complete a quick Facebook connect with your page’s Soldsie app.  They click on your specialized connect link and click OK to one Facebook pop up ox.  That’s it!

    There are no long forms or requests for billing/shipping info before they place an order. (We hate forms).

    This connect lets you know who they are and have their email address. Once they are connected, when they comment Sold, we will email them an invoice automatically.  They will provide billing and shipping info at checkout.

  • I have multiple Facebook pages, can I use Soldsie on more than one?

    Yes!  You can use Soldsie on any or every Facebook page you manage.  Each page will have a separate Soldsie dashboard and it is easy to switch between Soldsie stores.

    The information of each page will stay separate and you can not post products between pages.

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