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What is an Influencer?

  • Influencers are social media celebrities with a loyal fan base.
  • What they wear, say, and do has a huge impact on your customers.
  • Their popularity is measured by social media fans and likes.
  • Soldsie Influencer™ works by promoting your sales through a strategic influencer’s Facebook or Instagram page. In return, you get instant social reach (access to a new captive audience), and a boost in credibility (through the influencer).

How Influencer sales work

  • Total Sports Enterprises teamed up with Hines Ward for a Facebook Fundraising Event to benefit Helping Hands Foundation.
  • As a star athlete and winner of Dancing With The Stars, Hines Ward has 1.5 million Facebook fans.
  • Total Sports Enterprises gained over 3,500 new customers and saw an 1182% increase from their previous top sale.

Soldsie Influencer™ is the fastest way to amplify your social sales.
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