Introducing Soldsie for
“Comment selling has been an extremely successful sales channel for us since we opened our doors, and Soldsie makes it easier than ever. The Magento integration provided the singular user experience that is so vital to us and made Soldsie the perfect partner. We can now provide our customers an even more personal experience — as if they never left our shop”
Amy Laws, Smocked Auctions
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Magento and Soldsie

With more than 240,000 merchants worldwide, Magento is the most flexible enterprise-class e-commerce platform in the world. The best brands use Magento, and the best brands sell socially. Together, Soldsie and Magento make it possible to streamline your social sales and increase online revenue while activating your social communities. Keep the shopping experience intimate and exciting even as you grow.

Preferred Solutions Provider

Magento and Soldsie unlock a powerful combination to help your brand focus on cultivating high quality customer experiences. They help you spend minimal time working with technology and instead maximize your time growing the bottom line. Brands can instantly extend from traditional e-commerce selling to social selling. Once products begin to sell, you can easily track performance and use a suite of analytics to further drive their growth.

Why Use Soldsie?

Soldsie provides the best social shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. Soldsie’s end-to-end platform circumvents the traditional shopping cart check out process completely. The platform features automatic invoices, payment reminders, inventory management, waitlists, customer communications, and personalized account service for every retailer — it is the easiest and most effective way to boost social commerce.

Why Now?

Social media continues to explode and social commerce is gaining popularity as retailers look for new ways to grow their business and expand their online presence. Why not leverage your existing social communities? You’ve dedicated the time to building a loyal fan base, and now is the time to drive the conversation with social shopping. Turn your social page into a social store.

How it Works

Step One

Install the Soldsie extension in Magento Connect.

Step Two

Activate your social shopping campaign.

Step Three

Start selling on Facebook or Instagram. Yep, it’s that easy.

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