How to Grow Instagram Engagement With Text Posts

Instagram’s strength lies in the visual impact of its content, which is also why it is one of the most engaging social media platforms. While your feed should consist of creative, eye-catching, and relevant images, text still carries weight—especially in a sea of photo posts. Below, we show you a few examples of brands and boutiques that have broken out of the mold to post quotes and messages.

Getting a Laugh

A little humor goes a long way, which is something that Miami-based Blush Boutique used to its advantage in posting this cheeky quote. It appeals to a young, meme-conscious audience, creating a relatable brand personality. After all, who doesn’t like wine?

Quoting a Testimonial

If you have a social influencer on your side, you’re on the right track. Go ahead and toot your own horn, like Uma Oils does: quote excerpts from positive press, celebrity endorsements, or enthusiastic fans. This will help someone who lands on your Instagram feed trust your brand and product.

Empowering Others

The message that Michael Stars sends is loud and clear. This uplifting message strengthens and underlines the brand’s values, humanizing the company and reminding followers that the clothes aren’t just clothes—they’re a lifestyle.

Celebrating Shopping

In the end, your followers are on your Instagram to see what you have to offer (and if you do your job well, to buy what you have to offer). Unite your followers around this common love and post content that relates to shopping, like this one from Poshsquare.

What quotes, messages, or memes have you discovered on Instagram lately? Let us know in the comments!


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Based in Honolulu, Oahu, HAWAI’I Magazine, the largest paid circulation magazine in the state, offers international Hawai’i enthusiasts insight into the best experiences on the islands. Covering travel recommendations, history, culture, and landscape, @hawaiimagazine uses to connect 73.8K Instagram followers to thoughtful, in-depth articles.

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Featured Store

@TheVenueReport knows that when you’re planning the most epic get-together/get-away ever, endless decisions must be made before you can “get the party started”. Within their searchable/bookable database of A-List international venues, they consider those minor details that can add up to making a major difference. Breathtaking images comprise their Instagram feed, allowing you to imagine exactly how your wedding/reunion/honeymoon might look. See something you like…or love? Via, reserving is just a click away.

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