How 3 Shopify Stores are Successfully Selling on Instagram using Soldsie

Soldsie is now integrated with Shopify, which has proven hugely successful for our stores. Shopify’s e-commerce software makes it easy for businesses to sell online and offline, allowing merchants to set up stores that keep track of inventory, sales, and customers.

Soldsie’s integration with Shopify increases revenue for Shopify businesses in three ways:

  1. Monetizing their Instagram
  2. Increasing website traffic by referring new customers from Instagram
  3. Surfacing new email leads for future marketing purposes

Here’s how three of Soldsie’s clients, Dapper Time, Upper Playground, and Squarebarhave taken advantage of this integration to achieve success selling on Instagram:

Driving New Customers to the Website: Upper Playground

Upper Playground, a San Francisco based company, sells stylish street wear and other cool house goods. Upper Playground has taken advantage of new customers to their website by prompting Instagram customers to register for Soldsie directly on their website. In order to purchase @upperplayground’s items, customers are prompted to sign up for Instagram buying through a personalized link.

When customers go to this link, they see a pop up that prompts them to enter their Instagram username and email for all future Instagram purchases.

No sign up? No big deal!  This is a win-win situation for Upper Playground, allowing the brand to capture customers who will make purchases directly through their site regardless of signing up for Soldsie.  The goal of the link is to drive new leads to the business’s website, and that’s exactly what Soldsie has done for Upper Playground in addition to monetizing their Instagram.


Monetizing Instagram: Dapper Time

Dapper Time, whose tagline is “Fine Timepieces for a Fraction of the Price,” sells affordable men’s watches along with footwear and other products. They have an Instagram account (@dappertime) with 189,000 followers, all of whom are potential customers.

By signing up with Soldsie, Dapper Time has allowed followers to comment “sold” on Instagram posts to purchase items straight from social media. Soldsie’s integration with Shopify has turned Instagram followers into customers and Instagram into a quantifiable revenue source for the brand.

Email:  Squarebar

Squarebar sells protein bars that are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, organic, Non-GMO, and made of plant-based proteins.  In order to purchase products off @squarebars posts, customers have to comment Sold and supply their email address in order to receive a confirmation email that will complete their check-out process.


This email confirmation gives Squarebar the opportunity to collect emails from Instagram followers who may not have purchased with the company before and connect with their fans. Squarebar can use email to educate their fans on latest products, healthy eating, and exclusive promotions. This lead gen increases the brand’s reach beyond Instagram to email which can bring the brand closer to their fans and open up a new channel of communication with their customers.

We are celebrating Soldsie’s integration with Shopify because we are helping our clients grow their businesses. This integration has allowed these three clients, amongst many others, to achieve success by selling on Instagram and we are geared to help as many as we can moving forward!